Nathan Lugo won gold for Team USA in Hungary at the 2019 Bornemissza Tournament

Nathan Lugo of the Marietta-based Lugo Boxing and Fitness won a gold medal as a member of Team USA in the 2019 Bornemissza Tournament in Eger, Hungary.

“Nathan got the chance to be in this tournament back in December when he won the USA Boxer Elite Nationals in Salt Lake City,” Coach Mike Lugo said. “He beat everybody in his weight class and age group and that gave him a spot on Team USA.”

In the 69th annual event, there were 209 boxers coming from 23 different countries to compete with the best across the world.

The 15-year-old Lugo has been involved in boxing since the age of 7 and has been competing since he was 8. When he began to take it seriously it led his father, Michael Lugo, to open up his own gym.

Nathan Lugo started the tournament by winning his first fight in just over 30 seconds. After two body punches that brought his opponent down, his opponent’s corner threw in the towel to stop the fight.

His second fight was tougher, and he ultimately won the fight by a 4-1 decision. He ended the tournament by winning another fight by abandonment with his opponents corner throwing in the towel after the first round.

“He is the only member of Team USA that won off of stoppages,” Michael Lugo said. “It was really a very strong performance by Nathan especially for an international tournament.”

Nathan Lugo is now headed to Madison, Wisconsin, for the USA Junior Olympic National Championships from June 22-29 to compete in a tournament where he will be defending his title as a national champion.

Mike Lugo currently has 35 boxers that compete for state and regional titles that are a part of Lugo Boxing and Fitness. Nathan Lugo is one of the gym’s three boxers ranked top 10 in the Nation for their age and weight class.

Team USA left Hungary with 12 medals. Nathan Lugo was one of the seven boxers who earned a gold medal.


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