Michelle Lanier

Campbell coach Michelle Lanier led Campbell's girls track and field team to its first state championship this season.

Not only was it the program's first state title, it was the first team championship for the school since its slow-pitch softball team won in 1994.

Led by a strong contingent of sprinters and hurdlers, Campbell bested county rival and defending Class AAAAAAA state champion Marietta by 50 points.

Lanier is still embracing the excitement.

“Since this was our first (team championship) in so many years, everyone was rooting for us the whole way through,” said Lanier, the 2019 Marietta Daily Journal/Cobb County Girls Track and Field Coach of the Year. “We were still on pins and needles, because things can happen, but once we did win, everyone was excited and super proud.”

Lanier knew she had enough depth in both sprints and hurdles for Campbell to win a title this season. But it was up to her and her assistants to keep the athletes healthy and make sure they were participating in events suited to their abilities.

There were a few scares along the way.

Campbell had injuries in both relays, but it still managed to win both events at the state meet. The Lady Spartans won the 400-meter relay in 46.13 seconds, and clocked in at 3:34.27 to win the 1,600 relay.

There were also questions regarding who would step up in both the hurdle events, but it all came together in the end. Ashton Lindley won the 300 hurdles (41.46), with Raina Perry taking third, while freshman Zionn RIce surprised the coaching staff by taking second in the 100 hurdles.

However, Lanier was more confident with what she had in the 100, 200 and 400 runs, with Lindley, McKenze Kelley and Jaleah Alston.

The Lady Spartans took advantage of their depth in the 400 with Kelley winning in 53.65 and Lindley coming in second (54.71). Kelley also did well in the 200, finishing second and Alston taking fourth.

It also helped that Campbell’s “B” teams took fourth in both relays.

“They couldn’t have done better, even if I asked them to,” Lanier said.

Campbell also scored well in the jumps, with Jada Alston third in the triple jump and Camille Trotman third in the high jump.

Campbell knew it was destined to do great things at state after coming from behind to beat Marietta to win the Cobb County Championships.

With Marietta leading by 45 points after the first day and appearing to be in control, Campbell used its depth in the sprints, hurdles and relays to overtake the Lady Blue Devils by 22 points.

Campbell pulled away when both its teams finished first and second in the 1,600 relay.

The Lady Spartans could be in contention for another state title in 2020, with only two seniors graduating. More than 10 athletes are returning, with six of them being rising seniors.


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Coach Williams

I have followed the Campbell Boys & Girls track program for years now and I am shocked that Coach Brian Smith did not get ANY recognition in this article since he was, in fact, the sprint and conditioning coach -Boys and Girls for years. He has been the "Head coach" in the parents eyes since 2013 and has been responsible many student athletes' continuing thier athletic careers into college. Campbell's girls and boys track teams have placed in the top 3 in the state during his tenure as the sprinters/strength & Conditioning coach at Campbell High School. I truly wish more research was done before this article was done.

Marielle Lewis

You should do more research yourself. Coach Michelle has done a lot for a lot of kids as well. For you to think this article is more about the success of the coach than it is the athletes, you should work on reading beneath the surface. She says “we” and “they” not “I”. You should go back and reread.

Kirsten Eason

Their** I truly wish there was more research done as well, on your behalf. You clearly do not know enough information concerning Coach Michelle’s doings, the team nor the Campbell administration. This win was a collective effort, which was gathered in the article. The article in which was about the GIRLS track program’s state win.

Danny Ware

So why not mention Coach Brian Smith at all. It’s lile he wasn’t even apart of the staff.

Marielle Lewis

Were you in the room when she said what she said for there for the article? I’m going to assume you are old enough to understand that the publishers are able to pick and choose what they want to highlight in an article. For this article they used her comments that highlighted the GIRLS and TEAM as a whole which is what this article is about. So maybe you should, set your pride and feelings aside and try to read from a more positive perspective! This is a really great article about a really great team! :)

Marielle Lewis

When she said what she said for the article**

Raymond Lanier

Danny Ware, for you to intentionally disparage someone that you know nothing about is cowardice. I can say for certain, you are a coward. You've proven that. Nevertheless, what was printed in an article is not always all-inclusive of what was said in an interview. I'm sure you've never won anything, so you haven't had the pleasure of that experience. The truth of the matter is that Michelle Lanier was the Girls Head Coach for the last two years. Brian Smith has been the Boys Head Coach. Check your sources. Your stupid questions are a testament to your ignorance. If you wanted to praise Brian Smith, you could've just done that and kept it moving. Check yourself.

Danny Ware

This entire article is a slap in the face for Campbell’s Track program. For Coach Lanier to not even mention the name of Coach Brian Smith shows she has no class and is simply a puppet. Campbell track and field would be nothing without Head Coach of the entire program Brian Smith. This lady couldn’t even say hey this was a collective effort I can’t take all the credit. However she did. The real story should Be How Campbell ran away one of the best coaches they had among many others. Jeff Hudson is a piece of work and I’m sure he was puppet master of this entire article telling coach Lanier she better not mention coach Brian Smith’s name. And like that she complied and I hope she reads this comment and the many others that will follow after I forward this to the many Campbell track parents. You ma’am should be ashamed of yourself.

Marielle Lewis

Speaking of lack of class, lets look in the mirror shall we? You felt that it was necessary to sit behind an electronic device and try to pick apart the character of a woman who has dedicate the last 20 years of her life to coaching, mentoring, teaching, and loving on children through track and field. There is nothing more classless than that. If I read correctly, she used pronouns like “we” and “they” this article was not about her, it was about the TEAM. So before you try to shame someone else, check yourself. I hope you find peace, and let go of misplaced bitterness. If you can’t, you should seek counseling. Have a blessed day.

Kirsten Eason

Hi there Dan. For you to OBVIOUSLY not know this woman and to bash her name, and in the end say that SHE should be ashamed of herself, is comical to say the least. Your ignorance is shameful. Before creating outlandish scenarios about others and slandering their name, re-evaluate yourself and make sure all facts are gathered. If you couldn’t grasp the concept that the team won as a collective effort you need to reread thoroughly.

Kylan Rice

I do not believe that anywhere in this article Coach Michelle tries to attribute the teams success solely to herself, which can be easily noticed in the use of PLURAL pronouns. I can only assume that you were not fortunate enough to have an amazing Elementary school teacher and fantastic role model like Coach Michelle to teach the concept of singular v plural so it might be lost on you. And while I’m sure even this paragraph will be too much for your feeble mind to grasp I cannot stand idly by as this woman’s character is defamed and her class questioned. Coach Michelle Lanier has dedicated the last two decades of her life to the betterment of athletes in every aspect of their lives. She has been a listening ear, a role model, a parental figure, and without her I can definitively say that I would not have the privilege to be the collegiate athlete I am today. To try to diminish this accomplishment in any way is one of the more egregious things I’ve ever seen. It is abhorrent to me that anyone so ignorant to the matters at hand would attempt to reprimand a woman who only deserves to be uplifted for her work as a coach and a member of this community. The Campbell High School Girls team won this State Championship and if you spoke to any of those athletes as well as their parents they would all concur your comments have no place here.

Stalley Jamison

Anybody who is in the “know” understands that Coach Brian Smith is the true architect of this team. This is just another sickening attempt by the Campbell administration to defame Coach Smith’s name. Coach Smith’s track teams have routinely finished in the top 5 in the state for the past 5 years. Campbell will continue to be the laughingstock of Cobb County if they continue to run good people out of their building in an attempt to “Make Campbell Great Again”.

Marielle Lewis

I’m in the “know” and I understand that this team wasn’t built on the back of one coach (whether I’d be Coach Michelle or Coach Smith) but a collective. Why are you trying to make it a competition as to who should get the spotlight? It should be on the ATHLETES.

Danny Ware

To not even acknowledge Coach Smith is a slap in the face and I stand by that. I’m sure Jeff Hudson said do not mention coach Smith when you comment on the success of the track program. If you have been around Campbell the past 5 years you know how much of a role he has played in all sports. The hidden agenda that Campbell administration has ultimately has ran him out and erased all that he has done. I stand by every comment I make!!!

Raymond Lanier

You don't know who was acknowledged. Standing by you comments further confirm my comments. Calling someone "classless" based on your assumptions proves your ignorance. I stand by my comments. Maybe you should check with Coach Smith first and get the facts. I talked to him today. How about you?

Raymond Lanier

Oh, and by the way, I've been around Campbell for the last 25 years so I'm sure I know more than you do about the track program.

Brian Smith

I am thankful that people are passionate about CHS T&F and I'm incredibly proud of what we accomplished as a team, school & community!! CHS T&F is a family & the village that has been created is like no other in the state!! No single person is responsible for the success of this program as multiple coaches/parents/admin contributed to the success of the program!! I love CHS T&F along with all the coaches, athletes & parents!! The Campbell community has become apart of my family & since this is my family I want all of us to come together & celebrate the accomplishments of the team!! I'm expecting big things from the team next year & looking forward to cheering on Coach Michelle along with the rest of the staff & kids!! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the success of the program, school & community & I thank God for given me a opportunity to be apart of such a special place. Lets all come together & support the coaches/kids as they move forward into next year!! Love Yal!!!

Raymond Lanier

Smitty, thanks for the comment, but none of this is proof if any passion for Campbell T&F..this only served to demean one person to uplift another. That's a sad commentary on the real priorities of the people commenting here..not to be celebrated. But nevertheless, we all know your contribution to the success of the program at Campbell and you are appreciated by those of us who know. Peace.

Brian Smith

I have referred to Michelle Lanier as my sister & even my wife at times. I call her family!! My circumstance shouldn't have been mentioned or associated her with it. Comments of my circumstance shouldn't be discussed on this platform & its unfair to include her. She has nothing to do with my circumstance. Campbell is a great place with hard working & incredible teachers/admin!! It is a special place where I have developed many friendships & Michelle Lanier was definitely one of them. I'm rooting for yal & wishing you the best!! God Bless

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