McEachern defensive lineman Jamil Burroughs

Like most young football players who have dreams of being able to continue playing after high school, McEachern defensive lineman Jamil Burroughs grew up hoping he would one day be on the field at Georgia's Sanford Stadium, regularly playing in front of crowds of more than 90,000.

After dreaming of being a Bulldog, Burroughs said Georgia was the first school to offer him a scholarship, and he was confident it was where he wanted to continue his football career. He confirmed that in August 2018, Burroughs saying his mother helped him solidify what became an easy decision.

The 6-foot-2, 330-pound defensive tackle, who had 58 tackles and five sacks a year ago, is ready to put on his red and black.

“When I first got there, my mom was with me. She was like, ‘Education comes first,’ and when I first got there, the first thing they talked about was education,” said Burroughs, a member of the 2019 Marietta Daily Journal Dynamite Dozen. “That really stood out to my mom. My mom thinks that Georgia can do more for me other than football.”

Burroughs was able to honor his mother by announcing his commitment to Georgia on her birthday. Burroughs' mother told him he was raised to always give back to people, and that is something that he loves to do to this day.

“I go around and help the community, around downtown Atlanta, a lot with my teammates.” Burroughs said. “I like giving back. I’ve always loved giving back to people. I have a good heart. That’s what God would want from me.”

With McEachern entering a new era under first-year coach Franklin Stephens, the senior Burroughs has found being a leader for the Indians is a larger task than he expected.

“I really have to step up more,” he said. “When you’re so used to a head coach that has to leave, and a new coach has to comes in, you have to adjust a lot of things. A lot of new defense, new offense and stuff like that, so I definitely took a big role on my part to keep everybody together, stay here and not try to transfer.”

Even with all of the changes McEachern has had to deal with, Burroughs believes he knows what it will take for the Indians to have a successful season this fall.

“We have to take it one game at a time and keep working together as a unit, as a brotherhood, as a family,” Burroughs said. “We can accomplish anything we thought we couldn’t accomplish.”


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