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Kiin brings together a community of families to lighten the burden for overtaxed parents

Atlanta, Oct. 21, 2021— Founder Sarah Smith Kilpatrick debuts Kiin, a brick-and-mortar social club for families looking for that third space to serve as a work/life/play destination. Building on her experience at Kefi, the former family social club that closed in Buckhead earlier this year, Kilpatrick aims to provide a nurturing place that offers a collective of care.

“Families are the backbone of our society, but they’re struggling,” she says. “Parents need time to accomplish their goals and more flexibility in managing their lives, while kids need opportunities for unstructured play and freedom to grow in a safe environment.” 

The holistic experience brings together caregivers, parents, kids, and the outside community as a whole, providing a place to relax, celebrate, play, and socialize. 

Kiin will provide work, life, and play services and amenities to families such as on-demand, developmentally appropriate childcare guided by specialists to encourage social and emotional learning opportunities, exploration, and imagination.

There will also be adults-only, distraction-free spaces meant for catching-up, socializing, working, or decompressing with other caregivers. Additional offerings meant to help lighten the burden of parenthood will include wellness classes, educational panels, networking opportunities, community gatherings, family takeaway meals, and much more.   

Aimed primarily at millennial families with children under the age of 10, the Kiin experience will begin with a series of pop-ups introducing Kiin’s point of view, while they work to secure funding for a centrally located physical space in Atlanta. 

The entire leadership team is comprised of working women and moms, plus Kilpatrick’s former Kefi co-founders as consultants. Writer Grace Yu, who previously led ad campaigns for Audi, Apple, Delta, and Google, will be overseeing the creative direction of Kiin. Everyone involved is passionate about the crisis of care in this country today.

“The situation for working parents—women in particular—was bad before the pandemic, but now things are unfathomable,” says Kilpatrick. “It takes a village to raise a child, but somewhere along the way, that village has all but disappeared from modern society. No one feels more isolated than a working mother, and Kiin aims to bring a sense of community back to motherhood, to children and to families.”

She continues, “Purpose can be profitable and have a long-lasting impact on the community. We are on the precipice of a revolution in the Care Economy as an infrastructure investment. Kiin will create the third-space for families—which doesn’t exist today.” 

About Sarah Smith Kilpatrick: 

Sarah was a founding member of Red Wagon Ventures, Chick-Fil-A’s non-food innovation group where she helped develop, incubate, and launch Kefi. She is also heavily involved in the Atlanta non-profit space. She currently serves as a UNICEF board member and Junior League of Atlanta volunteer and is a former United Way board member. A passionate champion for changing the way women and families are treated in this country, she also holds a Juris Doctor. 

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