Editor’s note: Longtime columnist Melvyn Fein died Monday, Aug. 29, after a battle with pancreatic cancer. In tribute, the MDJ is running this list of his published works. They are available at amazon.com.

Social Domain Theory: Towards a Standard Sociological Taxonomy (2019)

Too Lazy to Chew: A Memoir of Discovery (2019)

The Great False Hope: A Critical Account of the Obama Presidency (2019)

Saving Our Marriages, Saving Ourselves: Surviving the Voluntary Intimacy Crisis (2019)

Social Individualism: A Bold Blueprint for Our Future (2019)

Social Stupidity: The Inevitability of Folly (2019)

Forward-Looking Conservatism: A Renegade Sociologist Speaks Out (2018)

A Principled Society: Cultivating Trust in a World of Strangers (2018)

Unlocking Your Inner Courage: Five Winning Strategies to Achieve the Life You Want and the World We Need (2016)

Evolution versus Revolution: The Paradoxes of Social Change (2015)

Redefining Higher Education: How Self-Direction Can Save Colleges (2014)

Post-Liberalism: The Death of a Dream (2012)

Human Hierarchies: A General Theory (2012)

On Loss and Losing: Beyond the Medical Model of Personal Distress (2011)

A Professionalized Society: Our Real Future (2010)

The Professionalized Self-Learning to Succeed in a Middle-Class World (2010)

Peoplization: An Introduction to Social Life (2007)

The Great Middle-Class Revolution: Our Long March Toward a Professionalized Society (2006)

Race and Morality: How Good Intentions Undermine Social Justice and Perpetuate Inequality (2001)

The Limits of Idealism: When Good Intentions Go Bad (1999)

Hardball without an Umpire: The Sociology of Morality (1997)

Analyzing Psychotherapy: A Social Role Interpretation (1992)

Integrated Anger Management (IAM): A Common Sense Guide to Coping with Anger (1993)

Role Change: A Resocialization Perspective (1990)


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