I recently watched a documentary detailing the “Men who built America.” While these men did amazing things and propelled the US to become a dominant world power, they became extremely power-hungry. They sought to control everything, including the U.S. government. Largely, they were successful and often took advantage of the working class. That was until Teddy Roosevelt became president.

Today, there are some interesting parallels. Instead of building railroads, steel and oil industries, we have an industry that controls the narrative. They do this in tandem with the U.S. government. If you don’t agree with that narrative, you are either ignored or targeted. We need a leader that will sever this obvious conflict of interest. Just as the dominant industries at the turn of the last century sought to control everything — the media, Google, Facebook and the like are repeating history today.

We need leadership with the guts to put what’s best for the country in the forefront as opposed to allowing this evil Silicon Valley/Government alliance to continue.

Ken Bolt



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George Don Spruill

We had a leader with those kinds of guts. His name was Donald J. Trump.

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