For those who weren’t around in the ’50s and ’60s when America built our interstate highway system and put a man on the moon, watch this! If you were impressed by the COVID vaccination program, and how anyone can now get a shot, watch this.

The infrastructure rebuilding of our roads and bridges, alternative sources of energy, and curing many diseases of all kinds with RNA research will be huge.

America is not great because it says it is, it is great because of what it does and what it stands for. It takes leadership and now we have it. Infrastructure is generally a bipartisan issue and should be. There will always be those who complain, “How are we going to pay for all this?” But those same folks want the bridge not to fall down while they’re on it.

Yes, it’s not “free” to live in America. We need to work and pay taxes. I believe we are about to enter a new, exciting time when America is going to do great things, and the whole world will see it. Watch this!

Daniel F. Kirk



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Howard Peterson

Watch 94% of this bill go to "pork" projects, climate change and keeping far left liberals happy. Watch this bill fail miserably!!

George Don Spruill

Read this! I was around in the ‘50’s and ‘60’s...were you actually around then, Daniel or are you regurgitating what the Leftist media and Leftist politicians are spewing out? This “infrastructure” bill is a pork barrel politician’s dream, with its money for AOC’s Green New Deal. READ IT! You obviously haven’t. To compare it to the interstate highway system or putting a man on the moon is pure brainwashing. You’ve been had!

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