Viruses are Coming! The Viruses are Coming! The Viruses are Coming! The headline of the Marietta Daily Journal on August 3, 2021 reads: “It is spreading very rapidly.” Dr. Janet Memark urges vaccinations and masking up as Delta variant surges. The amount of misinformation around this Covid-19 pandemic continues to be shocking!

The viruses have been coming for thousands of years. The viruses have been mutating for thousands of years. They will be increasingly infectious, but normally markedly weaker. This fact has been known for a very long time!

Viruses were actually discovered by using filtration to remove the bacteria from tobacco leaves. They were initially called “filterable viruses.” The Pasteur Chamberlain filter was used earlier to catch bacteria, but even with its’ fine porcelain filter, it was unable to capture the “soluble toxin.” Finally, in 1898, a Dutch scientist, Martinus Beijerinck determined that the cause of the tobacco mosaic disease was not bacterial but a “living liquid virus,” referring to it by the outdated term, “filterable virus.”

By the way, the masks will NOT do much good. The holes in the paper masks are from 300 nm to 10,000 nm in size. The viruses range from 60 nm to 120 nm. Just cancel out the nm, and you will see that even the smallest hole in the mask will allow viruses!

In addition, it is widely known in microbiology that the spike protein on the outside of the virus attaches to the human cell.. After entering the human cell, they coopt the transcription (reproduction) process of the host cell, and make more viruses. With the resulting inevitable mutations, the spike protein would become defective and or weaken. The new viruses will not be able to attach to the human cell and dies.

This process has occurred over and over again. This is also why there are so many different known mutations at the present time. There’s the Alpha, Delta, Beta, and Gamma varieties. They will be more infectious variants, but they will be increasingly weak until the virus runs out of hosts!

Are we going to repeat this same scenario at every variant of this virus and the next serious virus for the rest of eternity? The “real” science has been known for many years. This isn’t our first rodeo!

Dr. Jim Cole



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George Don Spruill

Dr. Cole, it’s surprising that a letter from a person of your qualifications found its way onto the op/ed page of the MDJ. Today I laughed as the MDJ reported on its front page a bunch of parents demonstrating that a mask mandate be put in place in Marietta public schools. I would suggest that they read your facts about how — due to the microscopic size of the Covid virus and the huge holes in the masks comparatively — but ignorance of those parents’ magnitude is not likely to be overcome. They’re convinced that their demands are not truly virtue signaling but in pursuit of science. Like my old Ag teacher in high school liked to day, “Where ignorance is bliss, knowledge is folly.”

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