Why the low vaccination rate in Georgia and much of the south? It makes us appear as dumb hicks. There is too much misinformation. People are not listening to medical professionals, but to people who are conspiracy theorists and have no medical training. The vaccine is safe. It was tested before it was approved for emergency use. Full FDA approval is expected soon.

The vaccine was developed in a hurry because it was developed in a different faster way than previous vaccines that took years to develop. It does not cause infertility( most ridiculous one I have heard). It does not contain a tracker. No need-if you have a cell phone or a PC you can be tracked. If we want to get rid of quarantines, masks, and social distancing we have to have at least 75 to 85% of the population vaccinated to obtain herd immunity.

I do not the understand medical personnel who refuse to get vaccinated. They are around sick people all day long. Aren’t they afraid? I will be asking any one in a doctor’s office or hospital who is treating me if they are vaccinated. If not, I will refuse to be treated by them and request someone who is smart enough to get the vaccine.

I am fully vaccinated. I remember in March the hours spent on the computer in order to get an appointment and the frustration it caused. Now they are available everywhere and they are free. I still wear a mask because of the unvaccinated . What’s the big deal about wearing a mask? It’s easy and protects you and other people. Not wearing a mask is selfish.

The people who are getting sick now are the unvaccinated. The people who are dying are the unvaccinated. Don’t let being stubborn make you sick or kill you. Be smart — get your shot.

Let’s get rid of this Covid 19 virus so we can get back to a full normal life without the fear of getting sick.

Lucretia Adams



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George Don Spruill

My understanding is that the most at risk of the population ((the elderly) have high vaccination rates. I believe the lower vaccination rates among the less at risk are because the government agencies and persons (CDC and Fauci for example) have not leveled with the American people and have changed their stories over and over. We can’t even get accurate information about people who have died after taking the vaccine (the VAERS report). The government should try telling the truth to the citizenry. Oh, and Ms. Adams, did I wake up today in Communist China or Soviet Russia? Whether someone gets the jab or not is their business not busybodies like you.

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