Here we go again. Another recount. How many times must a recount be done before Trump gets it — he lost! More ballots cannot be found with his name on them (as he suggested to the Georgia Secretary of State). So now a sham audit is going on in Arizona to throw out enough ballots to let him win. Have you seen it on the news? It is downright laughable. Is Georgia next? How much money has been wasted on these?

The Trumpers will do anything (including tearing up the Constitution) to keep this man in office. In 2016, the Democrats did not go to this extreme even though Hillary won the popular vote and it was only by the Electoral College that Trump became president.

The Republicans cannot accept the will of the people because of the” Big Lie.” They will not accept the attempted coup on Jan. 6. They are trying to convince us they were merely tourists. Give me a break! We watched it on TV.

They believe the outrageous Qanon theories (no matter how ridiculous). They live in a fantasy world. They need to wake up and listen to something besides Fox news or whatever they have replaced it with. They need to read the newspapers — all of them. They need to read the news magazines. Get news from everywhere, not just one place. You may be amazed at what is really going on! Try it.

Lucretia Adams



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George Don Spruill

They can recount fraudulent ballots ‘til the cows come home and nothing will change. Why? Only an AUDIT will reveal the fraud committed by the people who put illegal ballots in the system. The embarrassing thing is not the cheating by the Democrats. That’s expected. It’s the sorry behavior of Kemp, Duncan, Carr, Raffensperger, Ralston, and Dugan, who’ve done nothing to reveal the Democrat cheating. They must be defeated by Republicans who will fix the things they let slide.

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