Dear Editor:

There is no denying the recent U.N. report that the window for taking action on climate change is quickly closing. It's time for Republicans to get on board with climate legislation.

As a lifelong Republican, I urge conservative-leaning voters to contact their state and federal representatives and ask them to take action on climate legislation. There are business-friendly ways to address climate change including the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, a bill that cuts carbon and creates jobs but doesn't grow the federal government. This bill also includes a border adjustment to protect American businesses from cheap imports from non-compliant countries.

Continuing to dismiss the need to reduce carbon emissions will take Republicans out of the conversation, giving Democrats control over the narrative that may push forward unrealistic, burdensome regulatory policies.

Glenn Bosio



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George Don Spruill

There is Climate Change, but there is NO MAN-MADE Climate Change. I don’t cate if you vote Republican or Democrat, you are wrong. Man-made Climate Change is a lie by persons who don’t belief in a sovereign God. Here’s the proof; puny man cannot raise or lower the temperature one degree.

Howard Peterson

I think you are talking about air pollution and NOT climate change. The 2 have absolutely nothing in common. Since you think you are talking about climate change, what would you do about the 4 seasons, tornadoes, hurricanes, summer thunderstorms with flooding, blizzards, droughts, etc. If you think for 1 second that controlling carbon emissions will fix any one of those that I mentioned, THINK AGAIN!! C'mon man, show some common sense here!!!

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