My wife and I are in our early 80s. We founded and worked hard operating a small business for many years. In spite of several challenges and a few health issues, we’re now retired with enough savings to live the rest of our lives debt free.

We worked very hard and earned every penny that we now have in the bank. In my 82 years, I’ve NEVER asked for help or received one penny from any one of our local, state or federal governments. We’re very proud of our personal success as a result of all our hard work.

Like most parents and grandparents, we’re now very concerned about the financial future of our children and grandchildren. What are they being taught by our leaders in Washington? It’s disheartening when considering what their future might be like as a result of our Nation’s ongoing foolish and imprudent spending. Washington blindly keeps kicking the giant can full of national debt down the road with the belief that someday or somehow it will suddenly vanish.

Meanwhile, our leaders in Washington continue sending out checks to the unemployed Americans to help them make ends meet because of the Covid pandemic. Many of these unemployed workers have no desire to find work as long as the money keeps flowing from Washington. Most low income workers are actually being paid and motivated not-to-work. At the same time, checks are being sent to millions of other Americans that honestly don’t need them and don’t want them. What a waste of our tax dollars. Our leaders will simply increase our taxes to pay for their financial miscalculations.

Paying and motivating low income workers not to work devastates small businesses. America thrives on the backs of the millions of small businesses. Paying people not-to-work creates an unsafe and uncertain future for all our children. There has to be a better solution.

Joe O’Connor



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Mike Nelson

Thank the Democratic Party for absolutely bankrupting the future generation. This country will be a socialist nation .

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