A friend sent me a thought-provoking video called “The Story of the Chinese Farmer “ by Alan Watts. (It’s worth searching for and watching.)

The moral of the story was you never know the consequences of good or ill fortune at the time. I immediately thought of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1987. Everyone in the West thought the war between Capitalism and Communism was over. Good won; evil lost. Right? Maybe.

So, we capitalists relaxed and quit teaching about the evils of Marxism. In our schools, meanwhile, teachers were putting a favorable spin on Socialism (Communism). They weren’t teaching about their evils and the millions killed.

Fast forward to today. Young people coming out of high school and college have a totally incorrect view of socialism (Communism). They have been taught that the results of these systems (Socialism and Communism) is that all people are treated with equality. However, because fewer families are going to church, these ill-educated children lack foundational Christian understanding of the inherent evils of mankind. Left to their own devices, human beings are always greedy and aren’t interested in sharing. It’s in their nature. That’s why Communism always devolves into the haves and the have nots. Every time.

In America today, Socialism is ascendant in the Democrat Party, and tolerated by the Republican Party.

How will this story end? Will good or evil win? Maybe.

Don Spruill



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Tim Boone

The primary doctrines of the Christian faith were built to address a human condition that is simply not true. There was never a good creation that was followed by a fall. There was never a perfect man or a perfect woman who fell into sin in an act of disobedience. That account is not true either historically or metaphorically. Human beings are emerging creatures; human beings are a work in progress. Neither perfect nor fallen, they are simply INCOMPLETE.

Human beings do not need to be rescued by a human sacrifice or saved from a fall that never happened, even a mythological one. Human beings cannot be restored to something they have never been. Human beings do not need to be saved. Human beings need, rather, to be empowered to enter into and grasp the fullness of their humanity. They need the means to journey beyond their traditional limits.

~ ~ ~Bishop JS Spong (R.I.P)

George Don Spruill

John Shelby Spong was — to be kind — very liberal in his interpretation of Scripture. It would be very interesting to talk to him in the hereafter about whether he still holds those ideas. I would suggest, Tim, that you use Scripture to interpret Scripture and not depend on possible (probable) heresy. R.I.P. J.S. Spong?

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