No doubt that any number of people may be feeling a sense of relief with the death of Jeffrey Epstein. The federal charges of child trafficking, among others, were probably backed by enough evidence to convince Epstein, 66, that despite some of the best legal talent defending him, he would spend the better part, if not all, of the rest of his life in prison. 

Many prominent names have surfaced as former friends of Epstein’s. Among them include Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Alan Dershowitz, and other former high profile politicians, celebreties and academics likely known to most Americans. Whether Epstein had information to trade concerning any of these people in return for an acceptable plea deal is not yet known. Whether he did or not may be revealed as the investigation continues, and perhaps Epstein, despite the possibility of a deal, didn’t see his life as worth living both in prison and if he ever got out. That may never be known. 

I do not share the misgivings of some Americans about their trust in the FBI. Nothing involving former high level FBI officials under former director James Comey---and including Comey--- even comes close to some of the police corruption scandals in a number of our major cities and smaller towns. Under the current Republican Department of Justice, whom I have complete confidence in despite certain criticisms not relevant here, no indictments of the afore-referenced individuals have been returned, and I will be surprised if any are with one possible exception. And that exception does not pertain to the Russia investigation or the current investigation into potential misconduct concerning the FISA affidavit and the 2016 presidential campaign. I trust the FBI completely to conduct a fair, impartial investigation “without fear or favor” into Epstein’s death. 

Could Epstein have been murdered? Sure. Anything’s possible. I would put the likelihood, though, at close to zero. There are too many moving parts for that to have occurred, especially if it was a paid hit by someone who had a genuine fear that Epstein could bring him down. It would take any number of people on the outside and the inside of the MCC where Epstein was held to have made that happen. 

Occam’s razor, also called law of economy or law of parsimony, is a principle stated by the philosopher William Occam (1285–1347/49) that “plurality should not be posited without necessity.” The principle gives precedence to simplicity: of two competing theories, the simpler explanation of an entity is to be preferred. (Encyclopedia Britannica) 

I think most readers will recall the crash off of Long Island of the TWA plane from JFK International Airport flying to Parris, France in July 1996. It occurred a few weeks before the city of Atlanta hosted the Summer Olympics, and there was every reasonable speculation to believe it was downed by terrorists. Early on another rumor took on legs and a life of its own, that the U.S. Navy accidently shot it down with a missile. 

Considering the satellite coverage of the planet by NSA, the number of people on a ship involved in a missile launch, the number of ships and small vessels in the area, the effort it would have taken to have had a successful conspiracy of silence among hundreds of people involved in a cover up would have been remarkable beyond description. I wonder, too, who would have headed up this conspiracy because whoever it was would have been powerful beyond all measure. 

Applying Occam’s razor would have ruled out the missile accident theory at the get-go. That said, all investigations leave the door open to possibilities, but facts and evidence have to support pursuing the most remote of them. As it turned out the plane crashed due to a fault with the center fuel tank. 

If Epstein really was murdered to keep him from talking, the murderer may have bought time but no guarantee that Epstein hadn’t left behind documentary evidence of others who engaged in prosecutable misconduct. The female victims of Epstein’s crimes may also have corroborative evidence, and then there is Ghislaine Maxwell. 

Maxwell, a wealthy and connected socialite, was Epstein’s former girlfriend, who remained friends after their breakup. According to many of the victims, Maxwell was the chief procurer of the girls to service Epstein and his various prominent friends. If Maxwell is indicted (her whereabouts are currently unknown), and for all we know there may already be a sealed indictment against her, no telling what evidence and testimony she could provide. 

At this point, in analyzing this through Occam’s razor, and until evidence to the contrary is made public, the most likely cause of Epstein’s death was suicide. No doubt that there was a confluence of ordinary and gross negligence that allowed Epstein to go out by his own doing. Some will not believe the results of the FBI/IG investigation no matter what even though it would require another massive conspiracy of all involved in the investigation to “cover up the truth.” Hopefully most Americans still have faith in our government institutions to believe otherwise.


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