Watching the January 6th insurrection two months ago in real time made one wonder what the lawbreakers were thinking. Did they really believe that with several deaths, vandalism, attacks and serious injuries to police, it would all go away once the Capitol was secured and peace restored? So many of the rioters appeared indifferent to being identified, i.e. they didn’t try to conceal their faces, and they demonstrated no fear related to the violent outbursts and statements they made recorded by the media and people posting on social media.

For months before the election Donald Trump predicted that the only way he could lose the election would be if it was stolen from him despite polls showing otherwise. When Trump lost he basically said, “I told you so”, and pushed the narrative of fraud from every angle he could conjure up. And his die-hard supporters believed him despite some 61 courts ruling against him, despite judges of both parties who made the rulings, despite Trump’s then top loyalist in the cabinet, Attorney General William Barr declaring that Biden had won, despite FBI Director Chris Wray---a Republican---stating there was no evidence of fraud on a major scale, and despite Republicans on the state and federal levels stating there was no evidence of fraud that would have changed the outcome.

The insurrectionists (yes, the definition fits considering they tried to prevent the vice president and Congress from doing their constitutional and statutory duty of certifying the election), however, for reasons that don’t make sense, never questioned the outcome of the Republican victories in the House, Senate, and state elective offices. Polls had showed that the Democrats were likely to win far more elections than turned out, but those who claim fraud concerning Trump accepted without question that despite being on the same ballot as Trump, all the Republican wins were valid. Pretty clever how the conspirators were able to make this work in so many different places at the same time. Not one video or oral recording has surfaced to support a massive conspiracy, and none of the alleged conspirators who pulled this off have been identified.

The “law and order” bunch, who represented some of right wing organizations that breeched the Capitol, believed that they were taking their country back, but from what I don’t know other than the election didn’t go their way. Many who have been arrested are former military, former/current police officers, and even a few high ranking bureaucrats in the Trump administration. Each took an oath to support, preserve and defend the Constitution and the laws of this land. That oath does not contain an escape provision that allows for ignoring it if the person has subjective beliefs, to include that radical socialists are occupying the government, that the courts and both Republicans and Democrats conspired to cheat to defeat Trump, or any other action that violates the law.

Among the high profile insurrections are Jacob Anthony Chansley, better known as the QAnon Shaman, the guy who appeared shirtless with red, white and blue body paint, a headdress of horns, and who sat in Vice President Mike Pence’s chair. He’s been locked up for two months charged with serious felonies related to storming the Capitol. Now he is pleading and begging to be released on bail. His fifteen minutes of fame is gone and he is looking at doing a good fifteen years or more in a federal prison if convicted.

Despite what is probably a limited IQ, Chansley can weigh those two numbers against each other and figure out which one will have a greater impact on his life. Having lost twenty pounds in jail and failing to receive a pardon from Trump, Chansley would seem to be a poster child for the conservative mantra that if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

Bruno Cua, an 18 year old metropolitan Atlanta resident, has also found “religion” in jail following his heroic attempts to overthrow the radical socialists on January 6th. Among his statements found on Parler, is, “If they vote for sleepy joe and commie KAMALA, we BREAK DOWN THEIR DOORS AND TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK BY FORCE. A judge recently felt sorry for Cua who apparently was the target of physical abuse by inmates, and released him on bond with restrictions. His jail experience also led him to regret his actions and express profound remorse.

Perhaps Cua should be ordered to take a civics course on line as part of his release to learn how our government was created and functions. Considering the charges against Cua, who has been mostly forgotten, he should have time to further his education while spending a few years outside of public view as a guest of the government.

There are any number of stories about other high profile insurrectionists who are finding that jail pending trial is no fun. These are the same people who shouted out to the world, if not the exact words, the words of the New Hampshire motto, “Live free or die.” They stated to the world that they were willing to die for their freedom but now beg for freedom having found that their lives weren’t so oppressed after all. I guess contrast helps to figure these things out.

Lots of people still claim that Trump was defrauded, that he won the election by a landslide. Why they never took their evidence to Trump’s attorneys Rudy Giuliani, Sydney Powell, and Lin Wood is baffling. Considering all three lawyers were unable to make their cases in 61 tries in court, any help from those who claim to have proof of fraud would seemingly have been very welcome.

That said, in America, as part of our social contract and American exceptionalism, we rely on our system of courts, the rule of law, and trust in our government. Anything less is un-American and a recipe for anarchy.


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Howard Peterson

Cancel your subscription to Vanity Fair magazine. They are putting too many dumb ideas in your head!!

Howard Peterson

No mention of the BLM & Antifa rioters that are STILL doing damage especially on the West Coast? Oh, that's right, Antifa is only an idea. It doesn't exist. How dumb of me to mention their name.........But prison like you said in your title is where these thugs belong but then they can always count on "commie KAMALA" to bail them out like she did by raising bail $$$$$ with the Minnesota Freedom Fund. We just have to get those rioters back out on the streets where they belong and can do $$$$$ of damage!!!!!!! You far left liberal Dems all have the selective amnesia disease and won't talk about those "other" riots will you??????

Howard Peterson

There's nothing "baffling" when judges won't hear your case.

Butch Smith

No comment on the "insurrection" taking place out West. Come on you are sounding more and more like Kevin.

Howard Peterson

Hi Butch!! They share the "love" icon for each other's columns......

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