The Constitution sets up the framework for our three branches of government, a system of checks and balances, because the Founding Fathers knew from being fellow human beings how corrupt people are capable of being. For the religious, this goes back to the Beginning and really nothing has changed. Human nature hasn’t changed over eons.

Last week the latest indictment was announced by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Cincinnati, Ohio in a corruption case involving three members of the city council, one Republican and two Democrats. Each was involved with taking bribes from the same person seeking favored treatment concerning a development project. Bipartisan corruption at its best. Just think of how much could have been accomplished if they had worked together toward making their city a better place to live and work.

Corruption of public officials, whether on a national, state or local level undermines people’s faith in their government. Depending on how serious and widespread it is, it could lead to anarchy when the populace concludes that they can’t depend on their police, their courts, their county commissions, et al. It’s easy to confuse cronyism and good ole boy networks with corruption, but they are not the same even if they have some of the same ingredients. Corruption is a crime; by itself, cronyism is not.

The fallout from the 2020 presidential election is doing massive damage to the American people by undermining their faith in our government to conduct fair and honest elections. President Donald Trump played the same card this time as he did in 2016 when he said that if he lost the election it was because of fraud. When he won the first election, that wasn’t good enough. He had to blame Hillary Clinton and Democrats for defrauding him of the popular vote even though he never could prove it.

Months before the November 3rd election, Trump began preparing his supporters for being cheated out of victory if he lost. The polls, which got so much wrong, consistently predicted that Biden would win, so Trump’s mantra became the self-fulfilling prophecy he wanted to plant to cause voters to question the outcome and perhaps overturn it in one or more courts.

To date, Rudolph Giuliani has led Trump’s vast legal team in court challenges, none of which have survived. Another high profile Trump attorney, Sidney Powell, has alleged that the election was influenced by massive amounts of communist money that made its way through China, Cuba and Venezuela. The eloquence of both lawyers tried to mask the absence of any evidence to support these assertions, and judges of both political parties have left these lawyers, Emperors With No Clothes, fully exposed. The affidavits Giuliani touted as proof of widespread fraud have also fallen flat when examined close up.

Tucker Carlson of Fox News, an icon of Trump and Trump supporters, for the moment has become a public enemy of them. He dared to insist that Powell provide proof of her unfounded allegations that electronic voting systems had somehow switched millions of ballots to Joe Biden. Nothing like being offered free air time on a major network to promote your brand, but Powell instead told Fox to stop contacting her.

No rational person would dispute that there is going to be some fraud or honest mistakes made in any national or statewide election. But for Trump’s credibility, for Giuliani’s credibility---if he has any left---it would be good to provide evidence that the outcome of the 2020 election would be different but for unfounded beliefs like “the cemeteries went strong for Biden” as posited by one columnist.

This election controversy is serious. All of our intelligence agency heads said that the Russians had interfered with the 2016 election. (I am not suggesting that Trump was part of it.) Yet, when Trump met with Vladimir Putin in Finland after becoming president, Trump stated that he believed the assurances Putin had given him that he had nothing to do with trying to affect the election. Can anyone imagine the repercussions if Obama, Biden or another Democrat had said that? And rightfully so!

The Russians have to be sitting back and enjoying what is happening in America. They didn’t have to lift a finger this time to cause widespread dissension, mistrust in our government, dividing the American people, and causing our allies and people around the world to wonder if we are still the last best hope for democracy, for freedom, for having a system in place that protects our institutions, and where the rule of law prevails over any one person.


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