Life had been going pretty smoothly for the past three years during Donald Trump’s presidency. Sure, there has been much to debate, argue and disagree with, and for sure I have been one of Trump’s critics concerning a lot of issues unrelated to the theme of this commentary. Most of us who don’t think Trump has proven to be the best leader for our country do not have TDS (Trump derangement syndrome); we just believe there are better leaders with better ideas who have integrity, who are more qualified to take us to the end zone.

That said, I do not blame Trump for the spread of the coronavirus in the United States. There are plenty of valid arguments that he could have done more to limit it, that he didn’t comprehend the danger when he was first alerted, but I’ll just attribute those failures to him as a failed leader instead of accusing him of causing the problem. He didn’t, and in fairness he deserves better on that one count. The November election will decide if the voters believe he has failed the American people, a separate discussion.

Even in good times the conspiracy buffs with overactive imaginations and paucity of facts and evidence, come out of the woodwork. Take radio personality Alex Jones and his show, Infowars. Recently he was successfully sued by a parent of child killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook, CT school massacre by a deranged gunman. Jones claimed that the story was a false narrative, that the children weren’t killed, that the Obama administration was behind the shooting as a pretext to seizing everyone’s guns.

Jones has propagated any number of other beliefs, to include that the moon landing was faked. That hasn’t stopped Jones from having a big enough following to keep his programming, at least until recently, and didn’t stop Trump from praising him in 2016, from bragging that ninety percent of Jones’ listeners were Trump supporters, that Jones’ “reputation was amazing.”

Out of apparently the same woodwork we are seeing some real lunacy surfacing that is attempting to explain how the coronavirus came to be. On one point I can agree with these lunatics, the same point I made earlier: Donald Trump didn’t cause the coronavirus.

But some of the same lunatics believe in a much wider conspiracy, that this is an attack on our economy to destroy the middle class, to divide the haves and have nots. Yet there is no explanation concerning who is behind this, why someone(s) is behind this, and how the wealthy will prosper if the middle class has no money to spend and becomes desperate enough to cause massive civil unrest.

Others post that they believe that it is much bigger than this, whatever that means. Some admit that they have formed these opinions based on their “feelings.” Makes one wonder if they form all their opinions on feelings instead of pursuing facts and drawing conclusions from the evidence. Then there are those who claim not to believe in coincidences despite coincidences occurring all the time in everyday life.

I don’t want to leave out those who subscribe to the Deep State theory, that government bureaucrats somehow have figured out a secret way to communicate their massive plots to destroy Trump and his administration without being detected. In their minds, since the Democrats failed to convict Trump following his impeachment, and the Mueller investigation into a Russian connection to Trump’s 2016 campaign failed to produce any indictments, then this is the last attempt to get Trump: create a very contagious and fatal virus and destroy Trump’s great economy with it, and you have a recipe for overthrowing the government.

Then there is the New World Order and Globalization that are working together to overthrow Trump to create a one world government. In England, cell towers under construction to accommodate the new 5G ultrafast wireless technology, have been burned down by conspiracy buffs who believe that radio waves from the technology are weakening people’s immune systems and causing them to die from the coronavirus.

Could Chinese military laboratories have unleashed this virus? If they are trying to destroy America and the rest of the world with it, they have also damaged themselves, and it makes one wonder who they will sell all their products and services to when everyone is either dead or broke?

The imagination provides no limits to lunacy. To paraphrase the famous columnist, H.L. Mencken, no one has ever gone broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people. He wrote that in 1926. Does anyone know of someone who has since gone broke who accepted this challenge almost a hundred years ago?

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