For far too long, inequity has corrupted our democracy. It is time for all Americans to stand up and demand an expansion of voting rights, limits to big money in politics, and accountability by ending gerrymandering. This is why I support the For The People Act, also known as H.R. 1.

The For The People Act was recently reintroduced in the House of Representatives as a sweeping bill that provides for reform in our electoral process. At its core, the bill provides much-needed action on redistricting, ethics reform, campaign finance, and voting rights.

We need a government that’s fair — where representatives listen to their constituents. The For the People Act would help make that a reality. I believe it’s crucial to restore accountability in our democracy. I support this bill because it would provide much-needed democracy reform.

Now is the time to reshape our democracy into one that is truly of, for, and by the people. That is why I’m asking my fellow citizens to contact their representatives and demand they vote “Yes” on the For The People Act.

Kathleen Golden



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Howard Peterson

"We need a government that's fair". Your quote from above. I have no problem with that but I also DEMAND voting that's fair and LEGAL. And you should too!!

Butch Smith

Voting without a picture ID is just asking for fraud. Please read the entire Bill.

Howard Peterson

I have re-read this letter many times. It is so obvious that you are getting all of your misconstrued info from MSNBC or CNN. This is a TERRIBLE bill that will put the Democrats (Socialists) in charge of this country forever. Goodbye Republican Party. Is this what you want? REALLY????

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