Steven Roberts teaches politics and journalism at George Washington University. He can be contacted by email at


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Howard Peterson

When are we going to start paying attention to the actual "debt"? This country is flat broke and I don't care if you are a Democrat or a Republican, this is FACT. Give the illegal aliens absolutely zero in welfare, keep a gun in your home and TRY to restore the USA into the country it once was!

Howard Peterson

One more thing! STOP spending trillions of $$$$ on this crazy green energy thing and DRILL BABY, DRILL!!

Butch Smith

Mr. Roberts obviously only teaches far left politics and MSM talking points.

RL Bays

The debt limit was raised three times without any issues during Trump's four years as president. Also recall that during Trump’s term, the national debt exploded because of his tax cuts for the super rich.

Butch Smith

You are still worrying about Trump instead of concentrating on the Biden train wreak. Catch up.

Howard Peterson

You are so FAR off base, it's hilarious!!

Obama took the debt from 10,025 to 19,573 Trillion in his 8 years.

Trump took the debt from 19,573 to 22,719 Trillion in his 4 years.

Biden took the debt from 22,719 to now OVER 31 Trillion in ONLY 3 years. Cheer him on R. L.!!!!!

Butch Smith

Mr. Roberts should have studied economics instead of politics and journalism.

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