I’ve read several Letters to the Editor praising the new sheriff’s dropping the county’s relationship with ICE (287(g)). Most of the letters refer to the fear of “undocumented aliens,” or better put illegal aliens, being sent back to their home country. They make it sound like the Sheriff’s department was going into the neighborhoods rounding up immigrants and sending them back in a modern day trail of tears.

What they don’t want you to recognize is that not only did they break our laws by illegally entering our country, they have additionally been arrested for breaking additional laws while in our country. That’s how they ended up in jail in the first place!

It seems to me that these illegal immigrants have, at the least, twice showed their disregard for our laws. Our sheriff now plans to turn them lose on the community to possibly continue to show disregard for our laws and put our citizens at further risk.

I understand his political reasons for doing this, but wasn’t he elected to keep the citizens of Cobb County safe? Shouldn’t that be his first priority? If we can’t trust him to do this what other political expediencies will he take to get reelected at the expense of the citizens of Cobb County?

Jerry Burton



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George Don Spruill

Craig Owens is a Democrat. What more need be said? The Democrat Party is a party that follows the laws they want to follow (abortion for convenience) and ignore laws they don’t want to arresting illegal aliens. That goes for Democrat officers of the law, too. Feeling any voter’s remorse yet?

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