Whenever there is an elephant in the room, even if he is sitting quietly in the corner, we sooner or later must acknowledge it. Failure to do so indicates we are all fearful. If fear keeps us from addressing the elephant, we in the room have become cowards.

Currently there is an elephant in the room, in the very parlor of American politics. The following thoughts about that elephant are those of one man, yours truly. These thoughts and the position they take about the elephant are not slanderous, nor do that defame anyone. If they are to be censored, then why is the opposing position allowed voice?

Some people think it’s cool to accept the elephant. Doing so shows how “diverse” they are. They believe in “evolving.” No such thing as eternal verities for them.

What is the elephant? It is the fact that we have a man running for president who is married to a man. Is there anything slanderous, defamatory or hateful about stating this fact? It is also a fact that this man is a person of many accomplishments. He is a mayor, a soldier and an engaging speaker.

This candidate’s marriage is legal, though newly so. Legal because the sexual chaos that shrouds the nation was codified and granted acceptance by a 5 to 4 decision of the Supreme Court in 2015. In Obergefell v Hodges, justices ruled that states must issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Hence, the elephant presents no problem of illegality.

A frivolous question has arisen: “If this candidate wins the presidency, what shall we call his husband? First gentleman? First husband?” Such frivolity trivializes the issue. The greater question, at least for those who believe homosexuality and same-sex marriages are wrong, is how do you successfully convey your deeply held views about human sexuality to your children when both law and practice fly in the face of what you believe is right and what you are trying to teach your children?

Let’s review the rapid journey of our sexual chaos and of what it has brought us to. Rebelling against nature, while murdering common sense, that journey has brought us from “Male and female created He them” to transgenderism; from Bridget Bardot to ubiquitous pornography; from “he” and “she” to “zir,” from husband and wife to partners; and, alas, in the case of our elephant, from husband and wife to husband and husband.

Accompanying us on this sordid journey, a new vocabulary has emerged and intensified the cultural shift. “Partners,” mentioned above, is our sex-crazed society’s preference today. “Partners” rings with freedom. “Husband and wife” carries generational weight and old-fashioned notions of roles and responsibility. One could argue that the only cultural vocabulary recognized and approved of today is that of “rights.” I’ve a right to kill my unborn baby. I’ve a right to say what’s right and wrong for me. Theologian R.C. Sproul remarked, “American society is determined to reduce its moral conversation to ‘rights’ rather than right and wrong.”

Consider the very foolishness of the “self-identify” gospel. I tested its limits over a year ago in a local Target store and found none. I was told by two Target officials that I could use the restroom I “identified with.” Such thinking is crazy, dangerous, and dismissive of reality.

Sexual mores are not simply traditional. They are profoundly human. A man with a husband or a woman with a wife are in contradistinction to the time-honored but now dishonored concept of household, family, and home. A man and a woman marry and begin a life together ostensibly to start a family, something two men or two women cannot do biologically. Civilization itself is built around this concept and practice of family. Having a president who resists this reality would also undermine it, creating deep confusion for children. I for one could never vote for him no matter how gifted he might otherwise be.

In September of 1990, columnist Kyle Henderson wrote in the Marietta Daily Journal, “Liberal ideologues hate every existing moral absolute except one: It is absolutely immoral to impose moral absolutes on anyone else.” The Supreme Court in 2015 imposed a turbulent morality on the nation. Since then, the LGBQT lobby has been driving the cultural bus and few politicians will stand up to them for fear of being labeled bigots. Deviancy (departure from the norm) reigns and fear abounds.

A president married to one of his or her own gender would seal the coffin of family, household, and home forever. The Sexual Revolution would be over for sure. The victors will have won the prize, which is the minds of our children and which was their goal all along.

Roger Hines is a retired English teacher and state legislator in Kennesaw.


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