Oh, the craziness that abounds. Conservatives just aren’t good at protesting and hollering about it. For one thing, they’re at work. They’re not college kids or liberals with time on their hands. Consequently the loudmouths are winning. Conservatives are learning to speak up, however. They’ve just about had enough.

Readers might recall that many months ago I reported on a visit I made to a Target store. I’ll review just a few details.

The visit was made to find out if I (a male) could use their ladies’ restroom. I was naïve to think their answer would be no. I had read that Target was leading the way in the battle for open bathrooms but doubted it was true. No corporation particularly in the South would ever go that far with “equity” (the new word of choice), diversity, openness, transgenderism, gender-denial and all the other lofty goals that progressives wear on their sleeves and that deplorables like me are supposedly so ignorant of.

Was I wrong! Entering the store I approached three ladies who looked authoritative standing in front of the cashier lines. I asked if I were allowed to use the ladies’ restroom. Turning to me, the youngest of the trio said, “Sir, you may use the restroom you identify with.”

“What do you mean by identify with? “ I asked.

“I mean that if you identify with a particular restroom you may enter it.” (In 10th grade English that’s called being redundant.)

But the bathroom issue is history, some argue. There are more serious issues. That’s true unless you have daughters and granddaughters and understand how sick and evil people can be.

Let’s put the issue in a context that perhaps our new president and his supporters can buy into. While their holy trinity is still abortion, race, and socialism – or is it grievance, victimhood, and rage? – they also like to chant, “Follow the science,” so let’s follow along but ask some questions.

Think hard. How many genders are there? Progressives (what a misnomer for those who think rebellion against nature is progress) are now saying there are three: males, females, and non-binary. Could there be four? How many does it take to produce a baby? Since when did “identifying with” anything change biology? Wherever he lies buried, Aristotle, the father of scientific reasoning, is either scoffing or shaking his head in disbelief. No, this issue is not dead. If you think it is, look at the long list of President Biden’s executive orders. You’ll see that one of those orders does not follow science but literally rejects biological science. It attempts to re-set human sexuality. It would deserve a loud hoot if its consequences were not so serious, namely confused children and teens.

Let’s follow the science with pregnancy as well. Let’s look at the pictures of weeks-old unborn babies, long dismissed by radical feminists and now by a president, as “tissue” that’s “not viable.” Question: how “viable” is a happy, healthy, three-month-old baby that was allowed birth? Answer: He or she is no more “viable” and no less dependent than the baby that was aborted. If Americans had truly followed science and accepted what sonograms showed us, perhaps we would not have aborted over 62 million unborn babies since that fateful year, 1974.

How did it come to this? How did we arrive at the sexual chaos that pervades the culture? However it happened, there’s hope. As recently as 2019 Dr. Paul McHugh, psychiatrist-in-chief at Johns Hopkins University declared that sex changes are biologically impossible. In Cornwall, England Dr. Tammie Downs has an increasing following of other doctors who are boldly moving toward her pro-life position.

There’s more hope. Of the 17 women elected to Congress in 2020, 16 of them are pro-life conservative Republicans who also reject transgender politics. The female governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, is strongly pro-life and anti-same sex marriage. Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ run for Arkansas governor should also encourage conservatives.

I had rather be canceled by a firing squad than to yield to the craziness of “de-programming,” “transformational re-set,” and all of the other anti-intellectualism of the left. Some things are more precious than life and one of them is freedom of speech and conscience.

“Follow the science” is a bumper sticker chant totally unheeded by those who chant it. It leads to the shoddy science of Planned Parenthood and to the total anti-reality of the transgender movement.

After all, the word science (from Latin, scio, meaning “I know”) actually means knowledge. And the greatest of scientists, or knowers, have always disagreed with each other. Suffice it to say that “science” devoid of common sense and reality is suspect. We best not follow it.

Roger Hines is a retired English teacher and state legislator who lives in Kennesaw. His email is rgrh555@gmail.com.


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George Don Spruill

Excellent, Roger.

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