America’s political left has gone stark raving mad. Just when we thought the claim of a third gender — a male, a female, and a something else — was the ultimate in mindlessness, the far left has gone one better. The newest lunacy is we don’t need police.

No need to rehearse what the Minneapolis city council has had to say about the matter except maybe that its vote to dismantle the city’s police department was done by a veto-proof majority. All of Europe has heard about Minneapolis as well, and quite a few people across the pond are siding with the council members. Believe it or not, Europeans are a little ahead of us in mindlessness. Rugged individualism and love of personal liberty are waning in the Old World. Many younger Europeans are simply accepting what the America-bound Mayflower occupants sought to escape. Sad.

Surprisingly, even CNN’s Alisyn Camerota cocked her head, looked puzzled, and then asked one of the Minneapolis council members, “But what if someone breaks into my house late at night? Who am I gonna call?” Camerota’s question was the closest to man-on-the-street common sense Camerota has ever come. Perhaps she recalled or just recently saw it written somewhere that “the heart of man is exceedingly wicked” and that we should “submit to those who are sent for the punishment of evildoers.” Anyhow, the council member answered with rigmarole like you’ve never heard before. She didn’t tell Camerota whom to call or what to do, but spoke of the need for “transformation of policing.”

Liberals — OK, Democrats — who are center-left are having a tough time with this issue. It’s not fun opposing Rep. Ocasio-Cortez. She’s all or nothing and represents the extreme left that is so troubling to those at center-left. Joe Biden (not that he’s center-left; he left the center long ago) has tried to finesse the issue by saying that while he opposes defunding the police, he wants a national police misconduct registry. More centralism in other words.

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee sized things up well when he recently remarked that the nation is now torn between the bubbles and the bubbas. He identified 5 bubbles, that is, 5 pockets of group think: Silicon Valley, Hollywood, the media, New York City, and Washington, D.C., asserting that all 5 are aiding and abetting the extreme left’s lunacy. The bubbas, he says, are the rest of us.

Well, not actually all of the rest of us but certainly the 63 million deplorables who put Donald Trump in office. Huckabee’s assessment was echoed this week by Richard Grenell, the recently retired acting Director of National Intelligence. Grenell stated, “Politics is now a fight between Washington and the rest of the country.”

The political left’s agenda rests solely on a dire philosophical error. That error is their belief in the perfectibility of man. Blinded by such idealism, leftists proceed from that error and cause all kinds of harm with more government and more laws. How much better off, though, are the poor because of LBJ’s pervasive War on Poverty? How much weaker are families? How much better is education because of Carter’s Department of Education?

The left’s constant drumbeat about man’s inhumanity to man is suspect. If totally sincere, they would care about blacks’ inhumanity to other blacks, the numbers for which are astronomical while the numbers of cops killing blacks are not. Use any source you choose to check out black on black crime, particularly in Chicago and Cook County, Illinois. Black on black crime in America is absolutely shameful. Black Lives Matter ignores it. Behaving like the Mafia, BLM warns, “Side with us or your store, shop and reputation are gone. And you better apologize, too.”

In five months we will know if the left’s lunacy is representative of the country. The upcoming election will pit a lifelong politician against an absolute non-politician if there ever was one. Modern day Pharisees (never-Trumpers, timid Republicans, some evangelicals) will shame Trump’s supporters, having ignored the sins of countless other politicians. Their newfound concern for virtue will make them feel good, but their moral superiority will melt and drip, given their support of the wink-wink, back slapping Biden who, though affable, can turn on a dime, feigns sincerity, and labels abortion “women’s health.” Where’s virtue in that, Pharisees?

The Pharisees are guilty of Trump-hate. They don’t want a man who daily kicks political correctness in the shins; who, unlike his opponent, hobnobs with steel workers and electricians at work sites instead of grinning big at fundraisers with fellow elites.

Joe Biden knows government. Trump knows government’s excesses. We shall soon see which outlook the nation prefers.

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Roger Hines is a retired English teacher and state legislator in Kennesaw.