Bravo, Cheers and Hooray to Don Spruill and Jim Corder for their two Letters to the Editor in the Feb 12/13 MDJ paper. Both were spot on and could not have been better written. I pray and feel for the ones Joe Biden has so easily put out of work with absolutely no remorse!! Feeble Joe probably is not aware what he has done but the out-of-job workers surely know what he has done, and that is only the beginning.

I hope and pray that the United States of America can survive and will come back with the Liberals out of office and the Conservatives back in office. If this doesn’t happen then, yes, we can say farewell to our once great country. For the Liberals voting for Joe Biden and the two no experience Senators, Don’t complain one time about gas prices rising, home fuel cost rising, taxes rising, borders open, and that is just the beginning.

In my long life, I never thought I would see Socialism and Communism come into the country so easily, but they are here in our government. Nov. 3, 2020, was the saddest day of my life. To see what President Donald Trump had accomplished so easily and quickly destroyed makes my blood boil.

Dorris Matthews



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Howard Peterson

100% CORRECT!!!

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