Never, anywhere in the United States, have a school board’s own elected members openly tried to sabotage or destroy their own schools, teachers, students, property values and reputations. Until now. Here, in Cobb County, Ga.

Sadly, the three democrat members of our Cobb school board, after whining and grandstanding for years (and still unable to eke out a majority on the board) have gone with the nuclear option, which endangers the lifetime investments of every single business and property owner in Cobb.

At a time when so many children, teachers, parents and grandparents have suffered through one of the most challenging years of our lifetimes, (these three board members) are determined to make things even worse for us all. Shame on them.

After more than three decades observing CCSD boards and bureaucracy, penning over 400 newspaper columns about the district and cheering for children through seven different Cobb schools from 1994 to present, this scenario of division and destruction is shocking.

My CCSD critiques as an MDJ columnist were sometimes blistering, yet the stability and integrity of Cobb’s largest single employer was never a target. The three radical democrat, tear-the-system-down elected members of our school board have gone too far and every citizen of Cobb should be appalled.

Laura Armstrong Monica



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George Don Spruill

Laura, we have missed your intelligent, common sense, weekly columns in the MDJ. It was a sad day, when you decided that the time and possible danger of writing the truth was too much. We are left with the intelligence of Roger Hines and the ignorance of Kevin Foley. I would plead with you to re-start your weekly columns, but I'm sure you have better things to do than stick your finger in the dam of holes trying to keep the blue water from coming out in this purpling county. Hope all is well for you!

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