Dear Editor:

If you ever wondered what happened to American Christianity, you have the answer in Kevin Foley’s column in the MDJ on Nov. 19 entitled, “ Doing God’s Work for Real,” attacking General Michael Flynn and injecting “social justice.” Without retrying General Flynn’s case, most Americans understand what happens to you when a member of our current government shows up at your door. It basically means that you are guilty unless you can prove that you are innocent.

Slipping in social justice in this column as if Jesus’s central message was to make everyone equal is a sleight-of-hand trick. Jesus came to make a way for all humans to deal with their guilt, shame, and sin. By accepting His death and resurrection, we can be truly free to experience His joy and peace, not to mention the promise of eternal life. We are forgiven! At that point, we are compelled to love others. The “wokeness” that is being preached in this column is the drivel of the religious left which has been attacking Christianity for more than 50 years in America.

The first known usage of the term, social justice, was by an Italian priest, Lugi Taparelli D’Azeglio, who wrote a book about the need for recovering the ancient virtue of what had been called “general justice” by Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas. “Social justice” became the new contemporary form. Pope Leo XIII through his papal encyclical in 1891, ”On Capital and Labor,” made a clear distinction between socialists and Catholicism: mainly that Catholicism and socialism could not coexist.

Even during this day, we have religious leftists running a Catholic non-governmental organization and other liberal Protestants violating the law by housing illegals in San Diego, Calif., and then busing them under the cover of darkness throughout the country. Thousands of homeless American citizens are on the streets with minimal assistance even as the religious leftists provide aid and comfort to law breakers down the street! If we really had equal justice in this country, these types of violations would be prosecuted. And the woke corporations could contribute their millions to improving the plight of the homeless and others!

Foley’s use of his barrel of ink is employed regularly to distort the Gospel, and hide its truth. Make no mistake, this article s is not about Jesus. This is about a re-making of the core of America, our Christian faith, into what is actually “Christian” socialism!

Jim Cole



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Howard Peterson

Excellent thought and letter Mr. Cole!

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