“Stupid is as stupid does” is the iconic quote from Forrest Gump that applies so well these days. And our government depends on it.

As the truth is being exposed about this COVID mess, one has to be pretty darn stupid to believe anything Dr. Fauci says these days.

Let’s take this flu season’s numbers to prove my statement. Here goes:

The 2019-20 flu season up until January 16, saw 400,000 hospitalizations due to flu and 22,000 deaths, per the CDC.

Fast forward to this year’s numbers during that same time period and there have been 136 hospitalizations due to the flu and 292 “flu-related” deaths, per the CDC. You can fact check me easily.

That is better than a 99.999% decrease in flu hospitalizations from one year to the next. Wow! How did that happen?! Well, one thing is for sure: There is absolutely no science that can back up that number. None.

The only difference between this year and last is Dr. Fauci’s beloved coronavirus and all his lies surrounding it. That is the “science” that explains this.

Oh, but the experts have an answer.

“It’s the masks.” Yes, the masks have kept down the flu numbers. How wonderful! “Everyone should always where masks in the winter forever going forward,” the “experts” tell us now.

But being smart and the critical thinkers, we ask: “Why do the masks work so well on the flu virus but almost not at all on the this coronavirus, as compared to the flu?”

If there were a “Nobel Peace Prize for the Advancement of Stupidity by Deceit,” Dr. Fauci would get it, masks down.

Steve Marcinko



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George Don Spruill

Steve, as you indicate, there's no way masks changed the flu metrics as much as this. Let's think about it. Someone is running a fever and is concerned. They get tested for Covid and are positive. They're not checked for the flu. They're diagnosed with Covid. The Covid test could be false positive...many are. What they actually suffered with is the flu not Covid. The point is, there is a tendency this year to blame everything on Covid. The hospitals actually receive money for Covid. They don't for the flu. I think we know what's going on here. There have been more cases of the flu and fewer for Covid in actuality.

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