RE: “Cobb Schools to be subject of ‘unusual special review’ by accrediting body.”

I honestly can’t believe the dereliction of duty that the three signatories have exemplified in requesting a review from Cognia. Unprofessional. Immoral. Selfish. These words don’t even begin to contemplate the harm these people are willing to bring to my children and thousands of others. Shameful.

These three are willing to throw the most successful school system that provides the best opportunities for all in the same chaos and lot as DeKalb and Clayton counties.

They think that our children are better served by similar review and input from Cognia? They want to have more input from unions and politicians who clearly don’t care about children and education. They are willing to put their political agendas ahead of the public service necessary to protect the education structure that has been earned and deserved by the Cobb County population.

Thank you for publishing the letter they sent, and thank you for illuminating the naked agenda that these immoral people are pursuing. I only hope we have time to vote them all out of office soon enough to contain the damage.

David Yucius



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