Cheers for those insisting Sprayberry High School be rebuilt, especially since it wasn’t built “right” in 1973.

Sprayberry was built to accommodate the “open classroom” concept of teaching — an idea that had just failed in California and was now being tried in Georgia. With large classrooms that would hold 60 to 70 students, two teachers would team to teach.

At the time it opened in the fall of 1973 (I was senior at Sprayberry), it was a strange concept to both students and teachers. It didn’t take long for the open class concept to fade, and Sprayberry was retro-fitted with temporary type walls to recreate normal size classrooms of 30-35 students.

Not only has the school and its facilities gotten old, but, as mentioned, it was bandaged 40 years ago or more to make the basic style of learning possible again. The fact is, Sprayberry has never been what it should have been, though the gym at the time it was built was the jewel of the county. That hasn’t held true for years and years.

Those in the Sprayberry district pay school taxes and SPLOST on purchases in the county. To not rebuild this school that was never built right in the first place and has been that way now for almost 48 years would be wrong.

I am not part of the group pushing for a new building, but as someone who attended the school and was involved in community activities there as an adult, I find the group’s argument valid. No one is asking for an entitlement. The Sprayberry community has done its share to pay for the right to have this outdated, weakly designed, old building to be rebuilt.

David Poteet



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