The Official Government Audit Came Up With These Results? Really!

A recent Letter to the Editor pointedly questioned columnist Roger Hines as to whom he believes really won the Presidential election. I won’t answer for Mr. Hines but I will point out compelling questions raised by the non-partisan group Voter GA a group made up of Republicans, Democrats and Independents that has been working for years for fair and honest elections here in Georgia.

Recently they filed a lawsuit to examine the Fulton County mail in ballots and their audit so far has uncovered that the “Official Fulton County Hand Recount Audit” of the Nov. 3 Presidential Election contained massive errors and what they state appears to be probable fraud. They found 923 out of 1539 batch files they audited were incorrectly counted resulting in an error rate of 60%! Further they found 7 audit tally sheets which falsified vote totals – a ballot by ballot examination showed 554 of these ballots were for Biden, 140 for Trump and 11 for Jorgenson – these hand audit tally sheet were actually counted as 850 votes for Biden and 0 for Trump and 0 for Jorgensen! To continue they also found duplicate vote results reported for 36 batches of ballots which totaled 4,255 votes; of these 3,390 were for Biden, 865 for Trump and 43 for Jorgensen – end result these ballots were counted twice and ended up netting Biden an extra 2,482 votes to add to his total number of votes. Unfortunately this is not a complete list of all the discrepancies uncovered by Voter GA in their audit and they are currently pressing on through their lawsuit to continue their probe to hopefully get a more complete picture of what actually occurred.

The conclusion to all this is that we need a statewide audit in Georgia of this past Presidential Election so that we can all have faith and trust in our election systems. Bottom line is that as Americans, we demand and deserve fair, honest and transparent elections and frankly we should accept nothing less!

Eugene Williams



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George Don Spruill

Eugene Williams, this is all true, but with the corruption of our courts (not a single judge would hear a single case from a single state...including the Supreme Court), and the GOP in the state of Georgia not even putting up a fight, what is the answer? I also heard that Joe Biden, the demented one in the White House, is getting fast approval of sure-to-be Leftist federal judges, all helped to be approved by RINO Lindsey Graham. Yet, we must fight to get the truth seen. If it is, it will be because of the work of great Americans in each of the states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, where cheating was rampant...spurred on by Steve Bannon and Mike Lindell. The mainstream media is as useless as teats on a boar hog.

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