The Republican State Convention held at Jekyll Island in early June revealed how few rational conservatives are still participating in party activities. Allowing Neanderthal “Trumpettes” like Jody Hice, Buddy Carter, Rick Allen, David Belle Isle to fan the flames of the “ Big Lie” and to tolerate the rudeness that greeted Gov. Kemp and Attorney General Carr when they attempted to speak (because they wouldn’t succumb to the former president’s ham-handed efforts to overturn the November election results) is a disgrace.

The party that once had leaders like Johnny Isakson, Paul Coverdell, Nathan Deal who advocated for a realistic conservative agenda has allowed the right-wing lunatic fringe to permeate its fabric.

Unless Republicans takes steps to remove this internal cancer and actually offer a platform that addresses real issues, the GOP will follow Barnum and Bailey into the archives of extinct American institutions. At least Barnum and Bailey was a circus where the clowns were funny.

Edward Allison



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George Don Spruill

You’re completely off the track. It’s only because the MDJ allows ramblings such as yours that you’re able to waste readers times and brain cells. If you can’t do any better than this, you seriously need to stay quarantined and away from your computer. Borrow a tube of lipstick and print on your bathroom mirror “Stop me before I write again!” Then, follow that advice.

Howard Peterson

Your letters are a circus, Edward and NOT funny at all! Just dumb.......

Betty Aston

After 50 years as a Republican, I vowed to never vote for one again after Trump was nominated. The idiot was a joke to New Yorkers for many, many years!

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