Pride is a heckuva drug.

Nobody likes being wrong. Nobody likes being called out or ridiculed when they are wrong. But the fact of the matter remains, those who have taken, and continue to take, the pandemic lightly in the name of “freedom of choice,” “freedom from tyranny” or some other nonsense, are wrong.

They, who continue to say, “lift the mask mandates” and cry because they fear for their children’s “well-being” are one thing, and one thing only. They are selfish individuals. They are selfish because they only care about themselves and they don’t want to be called out for being wrong.

This selfish behavior disregards their immune comprised neighbor. This selfish behavior can, and will, get people killed. The pandemic is not going away any time soon. The reason that it isn’t going away anytime soon is because we don’t care about each other. The sad fact is that we have demonstrated that we are not “one people.”

We are, for better or worse, a diverse group of individuals with different religions, from different socio/economic backgrounds; levels of education, ethnicities, colors (which facilitate prejudice/stereotypes). America is not a country; it is a business.

Therefore, our decisions are based on what will benefit us economically. We don’t look at our neighbor’s humanity. Don’t get me wrong, there are many good citizens in this country who are kind and considerate of one another. But, when some American’s views are challenged in a way that makes them feel attacked/questioned/judged, we can, and many time do, revert to a primal form of self-serving attitudes.

Therefore, they are skeptical of the vaccine, even though most of the most powerful and wealthy people have taken the vaccine. It is also why many of us are choosing to not wear masks. Here are the facts; the vaccine works. Wearing masks works. However, these things only work if we are all doing it together. The vaccine minimizes an infected person’s chances of being hospitalized and dying.

However, it does not prevent infection. This means that if I am vaccinated, I can still get infected and pass it on to an unvaccinated person.

It’s time for the Governor and Cobb County Schools to set aside their pride and mandate masks and vaccines for everyone who is eligible. Swallow your pride and do what’s right for everyone, forget your “feelings.”

Francisco R. Silverio

Lieutenant Colonel

United States Marine Corps Reserve

Cobb County resident


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George Don Spruill

Here's the mistakes you made in your thinking. First of all, masks don't work. Get over your foolish misunderstanding that viruses, which can only be seen with a microscope can be stopped by using something that has -- in reality -- big holes which they can easily slip into and out a mosquito passing through a chainlink fence. Other than virture signalling, which the Left really loves to do, they have no true purpose. I'm not going to wear them. Secondly, I took the vaccine as soon as I could. But, of the people I know who didn't take it, their reasons were scientific and I have read what they base their reasoning on. It is sound, scientifically. Vaccines take years of research to develop. You think Jonas Salk developed the polio vaccine in a year? I don't know it's history, but I suspect that the same was true for the smallpox vaccine. Also, the VAERS report -- although not showing the total numbers of people who died with the vaccination (the VAERS reporting is so flawed and always has been) -- is still very troubling. My point is, those who have examined the research on the virus have legitimate reasons not to take it. Then there are our Black citizens who don't trust the government, knowing that they were used for STD research by White government employees in the distant past. So, Francisco, don't assume pride is the reason. It is more likely mistrust of the government. I took the vaccine, even through I don't trust government one bit. A bit of Marine corps wisdom you have no doubt heard time and time again; when you assume, you made a you-know-what of U and Me.

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