In response to letters on June 22, by Edward Allison and June 12, by Midge Kennedy, I would like to add perspective for comprehension. I felt Ms. Kennedy’s letter was spot on and described the feelings of many former Trump supporters but I also see how it would seem confusing or contradictory to Mr. Allison. Allow me to give my perspective.

I voted for Trump, twice. The first time, knowing he was controversial and quite frankly, not a nice person, yet he was the only candidate willing to speak the true will of the quiet majority and was offering to fix the problems that are destroying this country. I was willing to hold my nose and cover my ears to protect our borders, bring jobs back to America, get our troops out of unnecessary harm’s way and shrink the gap between the economic classes. Unfortunately for America, he fell short on a couple of the very key promises.

However, I then voted for his re-election, although hesitantly, clinging to the hope that with him knowing it was his final four years, he would do whatever it took to complete the unkept promises. Honestly, had there been a viable alternative that we felt could accomplish two of the major goals, most of us would not have voted for him again but we are desperately trying to fix this country.

In hindsight, the political damage Trump did as a nasty, narcissistic human was not worth the accomplishments he did have. I feel millions of former supporters will no longer support or ever vote for Trump again. Make no mistake though, we could be forced to cast a vote against an opponent but would do it begrudgingly if the choice was Trump in 2024. As much as we despise the man, we hate ten times over what is happening to this country.

Personally, I don’t see Trump winning a Republican primary based on what the majority of his supporters witnessed during his presidency. Hopefully, there is an alternative that has our goals and the country’s best interest ahead of the desire to be in control and stay in power, but has the personality of Joe Biden (a Ronald Reagan clone comes to mind). But make no mistake, we the people are prepared to sacrifice feelings and cordiality to save this country ... as many cycles as it takes.

Steve Prather



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George Don Spruill

After five month of Biden destroying America, you have the audacity to talk about Trump? Have you been in a coma, Mr. Prather? Again, comments about Trump not being a nice person! You wait until these Marxists in the Democrat Party remake America. Go back to sleep. You’re not awake and making any sense yet.

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