Dear Mr. Foley:

What you stated in your opinion piece on Aug. 27 about what I stand for was incorrect. You stated that I stand with mask-opposed parents. That is incorrect. What I said is that I oppose mask mandates and vaccine mandates. But yes, I stand with parents who demand the freedom to decide what’s best for their children. Want to wear a mask? Wear one. But don’t make others.

Comparing masks to traffic lights is a bit absurd, don’t you think? How much medical training do you have to say that masks work? And, how many people have vaccine injuries at this time? When was the last time you published those statistics?

Furthermore, I wasn’t elected as chairwoman to the Cobb GOP until April 17, 2021. If there’s any blame for Cobb turning your shade of blue, it’s not to be laid at my feet.

Salleigh Grubbs

Chairwoman of Cobb County Republican Party


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