Letter to MDJ columnist Roger Hines: Your July 17 column talked about freedom dying in this country. Freedom dies when a lying con-man claims a legitimate election was stolen from him. Freedom dies when Republicans pass voter restrictions based on those lies. I have a question for you, Roger: Who do you think won the 2020 presidential election? Who do you think is the legitimate president of the United States? Please give us a clear answer in your next column. We’d like to know where you stand on this question.

Bob Young

Northeast Cobb County


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Howard Peterson

Bob, for the umpteenth time, there are NO VOTER RESTRICTIONS!! Turn off the TV and READ the bill!!

Howard Peterson

Bob, go watch the Olympics and cheer for the USA athletes to win a medal so they can DISRESPECT the flag for the country that YOU live in.

George Don Spruill

Who won the 2020 presidential election? Joe Biden. Who would have won without unbelievable fraud in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, etc.? Donald J. Trump. And it will be proven, if those swing states get honest audits. What are you…one of those see no evil, hear no evil monkeys? (Notice I left the third monkey out, since you wrote your letter.) For gosh sakes, turn off the lying broadcast media and learn the truth. Don’t ask others. See/hear for yourself!

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