I was so happy to see your article about the Pebblebrook students and their accomplishments. After researching the Posse Program it was clear that they were not only outstanding students but they have also been elected into an elite group of students focused on future leadership with “talents, abilities and unique skill sets” as quoted in your paper. It was good to see people of color featured in ways other than alleged criminals (ie. Rep. Roger Bruce) or sports figures.

I support critical race theory being taught in our schools. The word race has become the “Boogey Man” of some white adults in America. If you want to see them run, mention race. Add critical theory to the topic and people will sign up for a marathon. Critical theory requires three criteria; explanatory (we have many races in America indigenous/ immigration/slavery); practical (we are all Americans by birth or nationalized) and normative (each race has made positive contributions indigenous to their race and experience in America).

Critical theory is what former Director of HUD, Dr. Benjamin Carson used as the first neurosurgeon in the world to successfully introduce the separation of conjoined twins attached at the skull. Critical thinking is the contribution of Chinese immigrants in the development of the trans-continental railroad. Two different races; two different contributions; one country benefits.

Critical thinking gets rid of the “Boogey Man” in developing one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Critical racial theory may bring to light some of the transgressions of our country, but not as a means to celebrate division, but as a measure of where we have been and where we need to be and how to celebrate all peoples at the same time.

Jacque S. Hodges



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