I just returned from a week vacation on the north coast — Lake Erie. There we noticed the moon appeared like Mars. Why? We read that the western wildfires were spreading haze all the way to the east coast. On our way back, last night in Kentucky the full moon’s eyes and mouth outlined in a deep orange looked like a magnified Mars. We are facing a climate crisis. Rain pours in the east and parched lands burn in the west. Water shortages in the west and flooding in the east and overseas. Help!

Later at the crowded Tennessee welcoming center a construction contractor said: “I love your hat!” referring to my navy blue cap that reads in bold white: “Make Earth Cool Again.” That happened several times. All adult ages responded with eagerness when I told them the senate is now developing a reconciliation package with climate legislation and they need to know you are ready to price carbon. Call Senators Ossoff and Warnock.

Bob James



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Howard Peterson

Mother Nature is still in charge, NOT Bob James!!

Butch Smith

Until you get India and China on board nothing we do makes a difference. Like a gnat on an elephant's behind.

George Don Spruill

I don't blame you, Bob James, for your ignorant letter. I blame the MDJ for publishing such nonsense. Look at me. Pay attention. Puny man cannot raise or lower the temperature of the earth one degree. Anything coming out of this Congress and this Senate will be nonsense. Oh, it will not be cheap nonsense. It will be bankruptable nonsense. Don't worry. I call our two pathetic senators -- MR.Warnock and Jon-boy Ossoff all the time, but what I call them can't be published. They're as pathetic as you are.

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