Regarding Bob Barr’s column which appeared in the MDJ July 22nd, paraphrasing Ronald Reagan, there he goes again. Mr. Barr derided the Biden Administration for securing its “pound of flesh” from a Mr. Paul Hodgkins who “committed no acts of violence and did not damage any property or person while he was in the historic building on January 6th” but now “will have to spend the next eight months in a federal prison facility.”

Let’s naively assume that the above is an accurate description of all that Mr. Hodgkins did (or more precisely, did not do) when the Capitol was breached. Nonetheless, he literally entered in lock step with people who used flag poles, clubs, curb restraints, bottles, whatever, to attack and injure police and security personnel during an attack which caused many, many injuries, some severe. And deaths! Just walking into the Capitol with that gang on that day (just like any tourist; yeah, right!), was trespass...and so much more. Clearly!

Mr. Barr lays the Hodgkins sentence and other activities he describes as nefarious at the feet of the left as their effort to “destroy the conservative movement.” Calling again on President Reagan’s words, “there you go again.” Depending on the times, we either have “a vast right wing conspiracy” to destroy the left, or, now, “a war to destroy the conservative movement.” Deja vu...all over again.

Of the 74+ million people who voted for President Trump in 2020, tens of millions of them are surely die hard Trump base members. Of those, only thousands showed in Washington to protest on January 6, 2021. Only a portion of them marched to the Capitol. AND, of those, only hundreds violated the law and violently stormed the Capitol. My can have a viewpoint, a strong viewpoint, without breaking the law. Thugs breaking into the Capitol should not be romanticized or be described as tourists.

In the same 7/22 MDJ edition, the Today’s History column noted that on this day in 1934, John Dillinger was shot and killed by FBI agents. Back then some people, disillusioned by their lot in life during the Depression, romanticized about the bank robber/killer, Dillinger. Let no one now do likewise about Buffalo Head man and the rest of the criminals, including Hodgkins, who committed crimes that day. Mr. Barr, as a former prosecutor, you should know better.

Ken Thompson



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George Don Spruill

Regarding the Capitol police who you said were injured, were they the ones we see on video encouraging protesters to come into the building? The lies of the Left — repeated here by you — and assisted by the biased media are very convincing to the uninformed. I’m glad you brought up John Dillinger. He was caught by FBI agents when they weren’t corrupted like they are now. Have you heard about the large number of persons in the crowd who were in the employment of today’s FBI? Probably not. I suspect you get your news from the biased, corrupt media. By the way, we’re still waiting for the legal system to charge these people and try them, the majority of which will be punished for misdemeanors and none for insurrection. What happened to the right to a speedy trial? Is that only for BLM and Antifa? Oh, I forgot. They weren’t even incarcerated when they rioted, set fires to federal buildings and maimed people.

Kenneth Thompson

Coming from my perspective as a P.O.S.T. certified former law enforcement person (probation officer), regarding Mr. Spruill's comments above about my letter to the editor, all I can say

Ken Thompson

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