In response to Roger Hines’ column of April 20:

Do you really want to talk about COVID and tyranny? Tyranny is when a sitting president tries to overturn a democratic election because he doesn’t like the way it turned out. Tyranny is when a sitting president sends his fanatics to storm the Capitol to stop the democratic process. Tyranny is claiming you lost the election due to fraud when 80 million Americans voted you out.

You won’t see any of this in a Roger Hines’ column because it doesn’t fit his view of things. I’ll take wearing a paper mask over the trashing of democracy any day.

Bob Young



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George Don Spruill

It’s good to put a name with the “see no evil” Leftest-voting Democrats in north Georgia, when only visually challenged persons didn’t see the rampant mail-in fraud, aided by crooked Dominion machines and Smartmatic software. The proof was there to see, if you’re willing to see. 80,000,000 votes for Biden? More like 60,000,000. You spend too much time watching fake news. Here’s how many hours a week one should spend on CNN, MSNBC, and the alphabet networks. Zero minutes. You want to talk tyranny? The blue cities are still burning. Yet the Left

— your buddies — never comment on it. We’re lucky there is Roger counter the prevarications of Kevin Foley. Get informed!

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