Dear Editor:

With regards to Mr. Roger Hines May 1-2 editorial comments: With all due respect, although our Constitution states in 1776 that “All men are created equal,” it also notes , that in order to vote, a man had to be white, 21 or older, and be a landowner.

Mr. Hines noted that “What happened in Philadelphia in 1776 was primarily under the leadership of self-dependent, freedom loving men”. However, it took 144 years for women to also have the right to vote that entailed the 19th amendment to our constitution in 1920. Why it took so long for gender equality, in Mr. Hines' own editorial word is ‘scary’!

Also, in the article, he intimates that Henry Ford is an American industrialist that should be emulated. However, he does not note Ford’s well-known international antisemitic proclivity, his personal positive relationship with Adolf Hitler and his company’s physical presence in Nazi Germany that went well into the early years of WWII.

In addition, he brushes over that slavery was abolished and “that Republicans (not Democrats) are chiefly responsible for the Civil Rights Act of 1964.” I guess that most of us were asleep when HST, JFK, RFK, MLK and LBJ, (Democrats all), are the names that history, over and over associates with both the Civil Rights Movement and the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

To call President Biden’s feeling toward “cops and evangelical Christians” scornful is, at best, out of touch with reality. He is a devout Christian and attends Mass every Sunday.

He circuitously denigrates President Biden’s fiscal plans to bring us out of the onerous situation that the viral pandemic has cast upon us. I wonder if he feels the same way about FDR for using presidential governmental fiscal powers that dragged us out of the Great Depression of the '30s with his ‘New Deal’. It involved such acts as the CCC, WPA, and Social Security. A not unusual Republican cry might be too much Federal money! How are we going to pay for it? It’s too much of a burden for the generations to come.

In my opinion, yes, America is getting back to normal. And normalcy is the right path that we should be taking.

Lou Belinfante



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George Don Spruill

Mr. Belinfante, you sound like you’re 19 years old and in a college political science class of a Leftist teacher. The world didn’t start anew yesterday. Criticizing the country, which began in 1776 because it isn’t the same as the “enlightened” 2021 sounds like you are. Apparently the 19 year old-minded Lou has been reading Democrat-sanitized history. The Democrat Party racists, mostly Southern senators, fought tooth and nail to kill any Civil Rights legislation. Oh, and by the way, MLK was a Republican. Finally, we are called to examine persons by their fruits not what they claim. Joe Biden’s a “devout Christian”? What “devout Christian” supports every abortion measure through his entire 47 year legislative history? If the America is of 2021 is anything approaching normal, normal is not a place any of us — with the exception of Leftists — want to be.

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