The interview with the Secretary of State was good, but not great.

Why wasn’t he asked about the findings of the Georgia senate that the Dominion machines were connected to the internet, contrary to his assertions? How about why he refuses to conduct signature verification on Fulton County ballots? Or why it’s acceptable that there was an 80% error rate on votes in Fulton, requiring them to be “adjudicated” (i.e. decided by a third party)?

Is everyone OK with unmonitored elections after 11 p.m.? Or votes transferred on chips with no supervision? I know, all Trump supporters are crazy and should just shut up and go away, but how about someone answering – or asking -the legitimate questions first?

Daniel Boffey



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George Don Spruill

The only thing worse than being lead by socialist Democrats is being lead by do-nothing Republicans. That’s the situation in Georgia. SecState Raffensperger agreed to a “here’s how to commit fraud easier” plan manufactured by Stacey Abrams, and Kemp/Duncan/Carr/Ralston/Dugan did nothing when the Abrams plan succeeded. I watch the GOP leadership in Florida and in Texas and tears come to my eyes...seeing what Republican leaders with guts can do. We Georgians need a house (and Senate) cleaning and the election of leaders who aren’t afraid of Stacey Abrams like they obviously are.

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