At least twice, and I really believe as many as three or four times tonight during the first few minutes of his address to Congress, President Biden spoke the phrase, “because of all of you.” He spoke it to the American people at least once, and then he spoke it to members of Congress.

What? He gave credit to others and not to himself? This is a change from the last four years when, during any of his statements on any occasion, the president always (if memory serves) coupled the pronoun I or the possessive adjectives my or mine with superlative adjectives greatest, finest, best, or the like: I created the best ever; mine was the greatest ever; etc.

Some people (probably about half) likely thought the president said all the right things tonight, and he is leading the country in the right direction. And some people (probably about half) likely thought the president was way off the mark tonight, and he is pointing the country toward disaster.

But, I wonder this. Regardless of which political camp you’re in, wasn’t it refreshing and calming, easy to hear a president who was giving credit to others for successes, rather than a president self aggrandizing his way to slapping his own back? I just wonder.

Ken Thompson



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Howard Peterson

I didn't hear him say "Thank You President Trump for Operation Warp Speed". I didn't hear him say "Thank You President Trump for keeping all of the illegal immigrants in Mexico until if or when we would be willing to let them into our country". This is YOUR president who today didn't even mention the word "God" in our National Day of Prayer. Don't hurt yourself patting yourself on the back President Biden!!!

George Don Spruill

Oh, you’re talking about the same president who took credit for Operation Warp Speed? If Poor old demented Joe was actually telling the truth, he’d have mentioned his efforts to remake the country and its Constitution to be more like the Chinese Communist Party he is affiliated with, through his son Hunter and how he — Joe — is benefiting financially. When the Chicoms invade Taiwan and he does nothing, maybe his true colors with be revealed, even to blind believers like you.

Howard Peterson

Isn't it amazing to you Mr. Thompson that all of the Democrats along with the Progressive Caucus of their party have renamed their "pet" projects as the "American Job Plan", or the "Economic Stimulus Plan" or the "Infrastructure Plan" when only a small % of the money would be spent on jobs, economic stimulus or infrastructure??? The American people are being CONNED and that includes you, Mr. Thompson. Wake up before it's too late!!!

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