When I was in high school, the Civics/American History teacher rarely talked about slaves (the original American sin) or native Americans (American Genocide). She once mentioned a “war of northern aggression.” Another clue about her teaching style is when she mentioned that for the Christmas holidays she spent a month’s salary for presents when she visited family in a Mississippi mansion. She was treated like a princess with servants waiting on her hand and foot.

Back then, I didn’t think about Critical Race Theory at all. There were nine elementary schools in town. One of them was all Black, the rest were all white. I didn’t think about this, at the time. There was rarely a black face in the movies or TV. I didn’t think about that either. As for Indians or “native Americans,” my main exposure was when heroic cowboys killed them and when they kept the first white Americans from starving, only to be repaid with genocide. I didn’t understand about this contradiction for decades because I had no CRT in school.

Our governor and attorney general want Georgians to continue in their ignorance. Gov. Kemp’s mush mouth way of talking is an act to get “rural” votes. In 2021, no one speaks so badly on purpose. Georgia needs some CRT.

Mike Holzknecht



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George Don Spruill

Mike, you’re one of those people who is apparently eaten up with White guilt and wants everything in the past to be “woke”. Too bad you don’t live on the coasts or somewhere else where your blue compatriots feel the same way you do. Look. The past is the past, and teaching a false history which says this country was racist when founded and is racist today won’t change that. But teaching the lies of CRT and the 1619 Project would be a huge mistake. Thankfully, there is still a majority of the school board which is willing to vote (and not abstain) to not allow the lies of the Left to be taught. So far. (I don’t trust political trends one bit in the long run.) What Georgia needs is some Jesus Christ, in and out of schools, not CRT. (Confused Mike? Go find a Bible and read the Gospel of John, “the apostle whom Jesus loved. It’s found in a book of ultimate truth…the Bible.)

Allie Bradford

I'm wondering when and where you went to school. In the '60s and '70s I was in Atlanta and learned all about slavery and the Civil War. There was no glossing over of our past mistakes, and the students of all colors were friends with one another. There is absolutely no reason to stir the pot and makes kids resent one another.

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