Why the protest on the voters’ law? One reason is because certain people believe they and their ilk can be elected under the old voters’ law and they are less likely to be under the new law.

As an aside, the Braves were not the one who canceled the All-Star Game. It was done by Major League Baseball, an out of state organization. Some members of the Braves organization I know found out about it byway of Instagram. Governor Kemp said, “In the middle of a pandemic, Major League Baseball put the wishes ... ahead of the economic well-being of hard-working Georgians who were counting on the All-Star Game for a paycheck.”

Certain aspects of our new law look better by comparison with some more liberal states. Georgia has 17 day with two optional Sundays to vote, and New York has only 10. In New York an excuse for voting absentee is required, but in Georgia you can vote absentee for any reason.

Five major Georgia based national companies got one of our state’s law changed previously by threatening collectively to move their headquarters out of state if their wishes were not complied with. Does that smell of blackmail? Could it be considered a threat? Governor Kemp has promised that he was “not wavering.” Mr. Kemp said, “For anybody that’s out there thinking that any kind of snowball effect is going to have an effect on me, it will not.”

One section of the law getting attention prohibits “the giving of any money or gifts, including, but not limited to, food and drink, to an elector...within 25 feet of any voter standing in line to vote at any polling place.” This is considered virtually inhumane because of long lines. Suppose a line is 300 feet long. That means voters can get these favors in 275 feet of that line and even take some food and drink the last 25 feet. What voter can’t go 25 feet without food and water?

Criticism is focused on the requirement for voter ID, such as, a drivers license, or state ID number. Presently such requirements apply to boarding an airplane, entering a doctor’s offices, driving a vehicle, cashing a check, entering the hospital as a patient, purchasing a firearm, or buying a hunting or fishing license. Why not to vote?

Consider ID requirement in York City which has a municipal ID program. The city’s website says residents will need an ID to “get a job,” “cash a check,” “open a bank account,” “enter a government building,” and, “To be eligible for some public benefits you need to prove your identity, age and residence.”

To buy a gun in New York City, an individual must appear in person to fill out a 17-page handgun purchase authorization form to qualify for a purchase license. The form costs $340 plus $89.75 for fingerprinting. The New York Times wrote that applicants “must provide an original Social Security card, birth certificate, two recent color photographs and other documents.”

New ID laws in Georgia regulate mail-in ballots by requiring voters to submit their driver’s license or state ID number as part of their vote-by-mail application. If they have neither number, they can submit a photocopy or electronic image of an acceptable form of identification.

The new voters, laws have been preceded by some persons bragging about voting several times in the recent election and telling how they did it. Most of their clandestine votes would have been prevented by the new laws.

The Rev. Dr. Nelson L. Price is pastor emeritus of Roswell Street Baptist Church in Marietta.


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Annette Verhoff

The last (and only) issue I had with voting was the one where Kemp was in charge of his own election for Governor. That time, Kemp himself was the beneficiary of the surprise 2+ hour wait at Marietta 4a where we had never before waited more than 15 minutes even in Presidential election years. The better question for today, and the one somehow missed by Great Grampy Price, is why Gov Kemp now throws all Georgians under the bus with these blatant, and once again self serving, attempts at getting Trump voters back in his corner? Word of advice Mr Kemp: What you do does not affect your support in the Trump crowd. Only that which Mr Trump himself claims about you matters in the slightest. It goes without saying the truthfulness of what Mr Trump claims about you is irrelevant. The people who believe him, they just believe him. Period. Full stop. End of story. Ain't nothin' you can do about it, so quit trying to color your nose so orange! Trump gonna Trump and you can't affect that in any way 'cause his fans are definitely not theater lovers. --Christopher Davis, Marietta GA

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