President Trump is so far out of sync with the Washington “swamp” people he is in conflict with them. In the swamp some nefarious deeds have been performed and the guilty protected by others who are guilty of their own crimes and misdemeanors in order to gain protection for themselves. This quid pro quo practices involves, “I will tolerate your misdeeds if you will overlook mine.”

Along comes Trump, who is so far out of that loop his very existence frightens them. He is far from perfect, but he doesn’t owe swamp dwellers a shield for anything. That makes him an ideal person to expose their villainy.

The impeachment process is an attempt to get out ahead of Trump and accuse him of the very type of wrongdoing they have been doing in hopes people won’t notice them doing what they are accusing him of. What many have been doing is called a quid pro quo. Have you heard that before the Trump accusation?

If the water in the swamp ever gets so hot they abandon the quid pro quo shielding of one another and turn on each other, there may well be a feeding frenzy. To ensure this doesn’t happen Trump, the inquisitor, must go.

There is much about Trump that is not likeable. Some of his mannerisms and caustic comments are distasteful, but they must be overlooked long enough for him to drain the swamp. For many it is not that they admire him so much as they have disdain for what swamp people have gotten away with.

I lived among real swamp people in lower Louisiana for years. It is their only understanding of life. They tend to think everybody lives like them. Let me digress to say theirs is in general a good life. They surely know how to eat. The point is they are illustrative of the Washington swamp dwellers. They tend to think everybody is like them. Misconduct in Washington has gone on so long the members of the establishment think everybody is like them.

I think a better term for the Washington swamp would be “aquarium.” Such is a contained and controlled environment.

I don’t want to paint with a brush too broad. As in a real swamp, there are some good things and people in the Washington swamp. That makes them all the more valuable and worthy of respect. It is the bottom feeders who give cause for concern. That is, those who use the system for personal good. Some readers will not like this, but in reality the Clinton Foundation is Exhibit A of this. It has gained millions of Ukraine dollars. When President Trump called to talk with the Ukrainian president, alarm bells went off.

That is only one example of muddy water in the swamp.

All that is beyond the capacity of the average citizen to do anything. Let’s just pray for those who seek to purge Washington of such conduct. We each should engage in a personal purging. Knowing what is done in the dark is often seen in the light, we should all engage in introspection and purge our own life. Let us learn from the mistakes of others. Personal purging can give peace of mind and a happy release. God, there He is again, has made provisions for cleansing and a new beginning. Get alone and expose your inner self to Him knowing that “if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” Scrub up!

The Rev. Nelson Price is pastor emeritus of Roswell Street Baptist Church in Marietta.


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