Like millions, I have given a lot of attention to the forthcoming presidential election. I have decided not to vote for either man. Even the staunchest supporter of either would have to admit both men are deeply flawed. Each has done things that will be an embarrassment to the office. Both have expressed disrespectful and in some cases disgraceful comments. Therefore, I am not going to vote for either.

I am going to do the best thing under these circumstances. I am going to study what each man stands and vote on the basis of the issues for which they stand. It is an issues choice. Soon there will be organizations to list parallel list of the candidates' stances on issues. There will be a more dramatic difference than ever in a presidential election.

Hopefully issues, not who hates whom the most, will be the deciding factor. I could dislike either real easily. However, that is a poor primary reason for voting.

I don’t want to vote on the basis of polls. They can be very misleading. By skewing the questions and selecting the persons to be polled, the desired result can be gained.

I got a short course regarding polls a week before the Clinton/Trump election while standing in line to vote. I asked a friendly man in the line who was going to win, having already seen a number of polls showing Clinton the winner.

He instantly and confidentially said Trump. He was so certain I ask why he thought Trump.

He said he had conducted a national poll for Coke regarding potentially marketing New Coke and it showed a strong leaning to New Coke. He said when Coke changed the formula and released it to the public he immediately began to issue death threats; his own mother threatened to disown him.

He said for a year he tried to understand what went wrong with his extensive poll that showed such support of New Coke. One year later it dawned on him what happened. Then, he said he realized he had asked the wrong questions. He said he gave out blind samples of both products and ask which the people prefer. New Coke won. He didn’t ask if they were willing to give up the longstanding favored standard Coke for the New Coke ... and they weren’t.

Could it be that the present polls showing Biden in the lead are asking the wrong questions? Perhaps even asking the wrong people.

Here is a sampling of my list of the two options for which to vote.

Open bordersSecured borders and entry
Best vice president to replace disabled presidentBest vice president to replace disabled president 
More taxesLess taxes
Appoint liberal judgesAppoint conservative judges
Against fracking and drillingFor fracking and drilling
Global economyAmerica first economy
Favors Green New DealOpposes Green New Deal
Conditions favoring ChinaConditions favoring America
Health care for allAffordable health care

That is an oversimplified listing of a few issues, but it is adequate on which to make an educated vote. So I will vote after all.


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The Rev. Dr. Nelson L. Price is pastor emeritus of Roswell Street Baptist Church in Marietta.