With 2020, an election year, on the horizon, expect to get an overdose of what is wrong with America, how oppressed people are, how egregious income inequality is, how archaic the free enterprise system is and how minorities are suppressed. Really?

Unfortunately, an uninformed or at best ill-informed populace will join in singing the chorus. This is said against the background of facts. An American Council of Trustees and Alumni in 2016 showed the overwhelming majority of our prestigious colleges and universities did not require students majoring in history to take even one class in United States history or government. Only one-third of college graduates could place the Civil War within a 20-year time frame. Less than 20% could identify what the Emancipation Proclamation achieved.

Among these are many who will believe the utopian tales advocated by the left.

In reality, in a little over 200 years America has become a nation that far exceeds other nations. Our population makes up 4.5% of the world’s population yet produces nearly 30% of the world’s total annual wealth. The Pew Research Center found 56% of the U.S. population is classified as high income by global standards, 32% are upper-middle income, and nine out of 10 have a living standard above the global middle-income standard of all other nations. The left holds these facts to be inconsequential.

Income inequality is not restricted to America, it is global. The 1% of the of the richest people in the world own half of the world’s wealth.

America, you can do better. America, she will do better if we do not rob her of the values and virtues that created an environment conducive to accomplishing such goals.

Though some go to extremes to try to deny it, America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. For example, 34% of our Declaration of Independence is based on biblical text. Hence, an attack on our system of biblical ethics and economy is essential. For leftist ambitions to be fulfilled, the American home and families as well as the centers of religious faith must be discredited. The left desires a citizenry indebted to big government, not biblical values and virtues.

Theology, the study of God, was once the heart of curriculum in American education. Ever so imperceptibly it was removed from public education and relegated to independent Bible schools and seminaries. This would have been surprising, if not abhorrent, to both faculty and students of familiar institutions like Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge and even our state universities like the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill — the oldest state university in America — where the teaching of theology was central to higher education.

An indication of how bereft of theology one church member in a church that has not abandoned the study of God was heard to say, “Theology has crept into our church.”

Not only did the Middle Ages scholar Thomas Aquinas hold theology to be “the queen of sciences,” but the concept prevailed in all forms of education in America through most of the 20th century. As the concept faded, Darwinism metastasized in public education. It has become the breeding ground for radical leftist philosophies. Human beings, not God, reign supreme.

Our predecessors left us a clue to the solution. It is right there before us on our currency, “In God we trust.”

The Rev. Nelson Price is pastor emeritus of Roswell Street Baptist Church in Marietta.