Editor’s Note: This letter was sent to Commissioner of Baseball Rob Manfred.

Dear Mr. Manfred,

The decision to move the 2021 All Star Game from Georgia is so short-sighted, bigoted and ignorant of the facts that it’s infuriating! You, the MLB Players Union and Major League Baseball have become useful idiots to the leftists who want to ensure there is no election integrity. Did anyone from MLB even read the bill? Did anyone even talk with any of the sponsors of the bill, or with Governor Brian Kemp? The election integrity law was passed to ensure that all LEGAL votes are counted. There were too many irregularities in the last election and in the runoff election in January that loopholes had to be closed. Consider the following facts:

1. No handing out water or snacks to people waiting in line to vote. There are already laws prohibiting campaigning within 100 feet of the line. What is to prevent someone from saying “This is courtesy of candidate so-and-so. Think of that when you vote”? Anyone can donate water to the polling place, and poll workers can hand out water. Maybe people need to take responsibility for themselves and come prepared with their own water.

2. Limited drop boxes. These are still available, but under more control. Having unattended drop boxes sitting around 24/7 is a recipe for fraud.

Kathleen Sullivan



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George Don Spruill

Amen, Kathleen! You did something the Left and the ignorant associates of Major League Baseball, and captains of industry didn’t do. You actually read the bill. How old school! To become knowledgeable before giving an opinion!

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