This week’s Time Capsule looks at a stabbing, the Blair Memorial Hospital, a World War II soldier’s request and a baby crib fire.

100 years ago …

The Tuesday, Oct. 5, 1920, edition of The Cobb County Times reported that Marietta would vote on Friday, Oct. 12, 1920, on the ratifications of an increased school tax levy amendment to the city charter. Reasons for the levy were that Marietta public schools had been forced to raise the salaries of teachers in all grades in order to get “competent instructors,” make necessary building repairs to accommodate the increase in students and the price of coal for winter heating.

♦ ♦ ♦

The Friday, Oct. 8, 1920, edition of The Marietta Journal reported that Ernest Wilson, a taxi driver, was seriously stabbed the Saturday morning before by Shine Fowler, another taxi driver. The altercation occurred in front of the courthouse and Fowler surrendered to Marietta police officers. Wilson received a single stab in the back that penetrated the lungs and was bleeding freely.

♦ ♦ ♦

In the “News From Our Correspondents” column:

♦The Mableton section reported the death of Capt. John S. Lowe, 75, on Sept. 30, 1920, at the Confederate Soldiers Home.

♦The Olive Springs section reported the remains of W.W. Moon, who was killed by a truck in Atlanta the Monday before, were brought home for funeral services at Maloney Springs Church.

75 years ago ...

The following items appeared in the Tuesday, Oct. 2, 1945, edition of The Marietta Daily Journal:

♦Allatoona Dam, one of several Georgia rivers improvements announced by the War Department, was expected to raise waters to wash Cobb County with 22 miles of shoreline and provide a recreation area to link with tourist development.

♦A site for the Blair Memorial Hospital of Marietta was purchased the day before from M.V.B. Teem. The property was purchased at a cost of $11,000 to the city and sat on the north edge of town between Church Street, Campbell Hill Street and Tower Road.

♦ ♦ ♦

A story picked up from a Columbus newspaper in the Thursday, Oct. 4, 1945, paper had the following headline: “WANTED: Blonde, Blue-Eyed Femme, 120-Pound Chassis.” It reported that Cpl. Leland Kinsell of Columbus, who was returning home after fighting on foreign shores for almost two years, wanted to be met and “kissed by a real live American girl” with the headline’s specifications.

♦ ♦ ♦

The Friday, Oct. 5, 1945, paper carried the following headline: “FIREMAN!! Save My Child.” The story reported how Marietta firemen answered a call at 132 W. Dixie Avenue that morning and “discovered a ‘baby’ stoically burning in her crib.” The report said that “all the clothes had burned off Suzie” before the firemen could bring her out of the flames. The men “left her to cool on a stump in the front yard.” Suzie was the baby doll of T.A. Lanier Jr.’s young daughter. The cause of the fire was determined that Lanier’s daughter had tried to warm her “baby” by placing a hot stick from the fireplace in the crib.

50 years ago ...

In the Friday, Oct. 2, 1970, paper it was reported that two young Marietta children missing for almost a week were found safe that morning, and their suspected kidnapping turned out not to be a kidnapping after all. The children were discovered in their father’s car in a Cartersville trailer park with their father’s half-brother, who had been suspected of kidnapping the children. The children’s mother told Marietta Police and an FBI special agent that morning that she had asked the man to drive the children to her brother’s home in Chattanooga a week ago. This contradicted the story she had been telling police all week.

Damon Poirier is the Newsroom Administrator and Historian for the Marietta Daily Journal.


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