We all get in our cars and buckle the seat belt. Why? It’s the smart and correct thing to do. It’s the law to buckle up. A law based on science, research and practical experience plus common sense. Does wearing your seat belt protect you 100% — no. But research shows that wearing your seat belt makes it much, much safer for you than not wearing a seat belt. Plus it has been the law for many years and no one questions the logic or reasons behind the law. All law enforcement agencies actively encourage wearing your seat belt to save lives.

We have a similar situation with wearing masks now. Anti-mask people say it is a matter of personal responsibility. But as is the case with seat belts, people sometimes have to be forced to do what is good for them — whether it imposes an undue burden on them or not.

James P. Daniel



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George Don Spruill

The difference between seat belts and masks is, in an accident, seat belts will actually protect you. Viruses, on the other hand, are microscopic and the holes in masks are like a chain link fence trying to keep mosquitoes out. But, go ahead and wear your mask, Mr. Daniel. They do serve the purpose of signaling your virtue to your other mask-wearing friends. To we who follow science, they identify those persons NOT to imitate…in anything.

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